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Road safety

Road Safety Measures

Town has adopted Genivar’s measures to slow down traffic in 2008. Measures provided by Genivar included a decision-matrix to handle citizen complaints, a tool box as well as request and petition forms for residents.

To request a speed survey, a resident must demonstrate his/her neighbours support his/her request by completing and submitting a petition form to the service des infrastructures.

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 Limites de vitesse sur le territoire

New stop signs in force on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

On Chemin Sainte-Angélique at the corner of Bellevue / Blueberry Forest

New stop signs will be installed and will come into effect on Tuesday, November 9, 2021:

  • On Chemin Sainte-Angélique in both directions
  • At the corner of Rue Bellevue and Rue Blueberry Forest

Signs announcing the new signage will be installed on Monday, October 11, 2021 to prepare motorists.

Pay attention. 

Slow down, respect speed limits and priorities

Reminder of the road safety code

The City of Saint-Lazare would like to reiterate the importance of respecting the Highway Safety Code at all times and especially during this time when students are back in class.

In the presence of a pedestrian

  • When approaching a pedestrian, you must slow down and keep the following distance between your vehicle and the pedestrian:
    • 1 m in zones of 50 km/h or less
    • 1.5 m in zones of more than 50 km/h
    • At pedestrian crosswalks, you must stop your vehicle as soon as a pedestrian enters the crosswalk or clearly indicates the intention to do so. This is the case, for example, when:
      • The pedestrian is waiting on the sidewalk next to the pedestrian crosswalk
      • The pedestrian makes a hand gesture indicating the desire to cross
      • You have made eye contact with the pedestrian
      • It is preferable to make a hand gesture to let pedestrians who wish to cross know you have seen them.
      • Yield the right of way to pedestrians at intersections and be especially careful before turning right on a red light.
      • Keep your headlights on, especially in low-visibility weather conditions, to make sure you can see and be seen

Not giving pedestrians the right of way

This is an offence under the Highway Safety Code that can lead to:

  • a fine of $100 to $200
  • 2 demerit points
Read more on how to share the road

Pedestrians and cyclists be extra careful

Be safe, be seen, BE BRIGHT

Pedestrians and cyclists are responsible for their safety at all times and should wear light coloured clothing, reflective clothing or vests, or reflective accessories at dusk and dawn to avoid collisions. 

Cyclists should equip their bicycles with lights.

The Town offers residents the possibility to purchase Saint-Lazare reflective vests for as little as $5, tax included, at the reception desk of the Town Hall and the community centre.

Items can be purchased at the reception desk at the:

  • Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois)
  • City Hall (1960 Chemin Sainte-Angélique)
  • During opening hours

Armbands and fluorescent vests

The Town offers you the possibility of getting you armbands and fluorescent security vests for:

Cost : $ 5
Taxes included

Safety - an individual and collective responsibility

Multi-use trail in La Cité-des-Papillons

Risk of collisions between pedestrians, cyclists and all-terrain vehicles

Pedestrians and cyclists of the Cité-des-Papillons sector have access to a multi-use trail from Rue des Saturnes and Rue des Monarques.

The City wishes to advise users that:

  • At the end of this multi-use trail, another trail crosses, this time dedicated to all-terrain vehicles
  • It is forbidden to venture on foot or by bike on this ATV trail
  • A real risk of collision does exist
  • Signs will be posted to advise users when the trail comes to an end and the where the risk of collision begins

As a preventative measure, please advise all members of your family who may inadvertently venture there during the day or evening when visibility is reduced, especially children and teens.

Hearing impaired road signs

Road signs warn drivers of the presence of hearing impaired residents.
The hearing impaired  could be startled by cars or cyclists.

Please be mindful !

Road Safety Campaign

This summer, let's share the road with the various users!

Read the press release.


When you are walking1

  • go to the nearest intersection to cross;
  • walk on the sidewalk, or, if there isn't one, walk on the side of the road, facing traffic;
  • avoid crossing the street between two parked cars;
  • wear light-coloured clothes or clothing with reflective strips so that you are easily visible

1Source Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec


When you are driving1

  • bring your vehicle to a stop before the stop line;
  • obey road signs and traffic signals for pedestrians;
  • before turning right on a red light where permitted, yield the right-of-way to pedestrians;
  • keep your headlights on at all times so that pedestrians can see you and you can see them.

1Source Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec

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