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Last updated: 04/26/2018
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Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning operation 2018

Saint-Lazare’s spring cleaning operation underway

Saint-Lazare (Quebec), Thursday, April 26, 2018 – The City of Saint-Lazare is aware that the larger quantity of blended abrasives that was spread this year as a result of difficult weather conditions has caused some frustration for many residents since the arrival of the spring season. Although motorists appreciate this abrasive when road conditions are made difficult by alternating snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain, we understand that it can be much less enjoyable once the winter is over. Despite this, sand and stone help the Town keep roadways safe for its residents; indeed, these abrasives are the best ally against icy roads and a better alternative to salt. In fact, not only is salt unsafe for the environment, particularly because it alters water’s salinity and pH and disrupts aquatic life, it also loses its effectiveness since water dissolves and dilutes it (rendering it useless).

Although it began last week, the spring cleaning operation consists mainly of moving leftover stone and sand onto the municipal right-of-way. Teams are working alternately in order to maximize clean-up using a mechanical sweeper in areas that have curbs and sidewalks. Note that the municipal right-of-way consists of the stretch of land located alongside paved roadways, approximately 10 feet wide, that belongs to the town and which must be kept free of all non-conforming obstacles, set-ups or equipment such as landscaping features, decorative stone and sprinkler heads.

The Town does not have the equipment required to collect stone over the 400 km of roadway along its over 7,000 properties. Different options will be considered this fall for possible implementation in 2019.

As such, this year, the Town is again inviting homeowners who are inconvenienced by leftover stone to gather it up in boxes and bring it to the Vaudreuil Ecocentre, where this type of material is collected.

Spring cleaning of your backyard

Do not use green spaces as a dump!

It is strictly forbidden to drop you garden residues, lawn, plants, etc. in Town green spaces such as park, circle and woods.

Composting is a good way to valorize these green residues!  

The spring-cleaning of our 450 municipal streets (200 km x 2 (each side)) usually begins at the end of March. Working teams are giving priority to our main arteries and then pursue with residential districts. Please note that the work primarily consists of sweeping the sand and crushed stones by the roadside. Neither the sand nor the stones will be collected.

Note that certain roads on our territory belong to Transport Quebec including Route de la Cité-des-Jeunes. This road is not cleared by the city.

Transports Québec (Vaudreuil service centre)
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