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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Déneigement
Snow clearing
Prelude to winter
The resident and his snow
The Town and the snow

Snow removal operations

The Town wants to ensure your safety on its roads during this winter’s snow removal operations.

2.5 cm of snow
10 snow removal crews
400 km of roads (200 km x 2 sides)

When snow accumulation reaches 2.5 cm, the contractor hired by the Town sends out his ten snow removal crews to start clearing close to 400 km of roads or almost 500 streets and main arteries. It takes five hours to completely clear the snow on our territory in one single operation. During major storms, the crews must work non-stop and clear all the roads several times. Be patient during snow removal operations. Do not attempt to pass the snowplows. Use caution.

Priority given to main arteries
The priority in snow removal is given to the Town’s main arteries. Then residential streets are cleared. Therefore, your street may not have been cleared when you leave for work in the morning; snow falls can occur at any time of day, making it impossible for the contractor to keep to a regular work schedule.

The snow removal contractor uses salt for ice control on main arteries. On residential streets, abrasives - a mixture of sand, stone and salt - are used. Spills may occur. We thank you for your understanding.

This winter, the Town is committed to ensuring that its road network is safe for everyone. Some roads located on our territory, like Route de la Cité-des-Jeunes, belong to Transports Québec. They are therefore not maintained by the Town. You can reach the Vaudreuil Service Centre at 450 455-6109.

Collaboration is key

This winter, let’s work together to ensure everyone’s safety during snow removal operations!

Here’s how you can do your part to facilitate snow removal operations:

Your bins in your driveway!
Please leave your recycling and garbage bins as well as your Christmas tree in your driveway to avoid obstructing the street.

Your snow on your property!
When you clear your driveway, please push the snow onto your property. And tell your contractor to do the same. It is forbidden to push the snow onto the street. It is also forbidden to obstruct fire hydrants.

A visible civic number
In addition, be sure to clear your address plate so that it is visible in case of an emergency.

Understanding is key

We also ask for your understanding in the following situations:

The snow removal crew blocked my driveway again!
There are more than 7,000 private driveways in Saint-Lazare. So you will agree that, given the number of streets that must be cleared, the contractor cannot ask his crews to lift their scrapers at each private driveway!

The operator did not see me!
Operators sit very high in their cab and this greatly restricts their field of vision during a snow storm. Use caution. Do not let your children play by the roadside. Accidents do happen and they can be fatal!

My neighbour uses his snow blower late in the evening!
Some of us may not be able to clear their driveway at a reasonable hour because of our work schedule. Courtesy is always best

Property damage

After the complete melting of the snow, the snow removal company selected
by the City will tour to repair the damage and the of streets, if this step becomes necessary.

If, however, after this tour, you notice any damage to your property,
please notify the service infrastructure to the service des infrastructures to see the damage
on the spot. We will inform you of the procedure so that your request is
handled appropriately.

Prelude to winter!

Geotextile membrane
In the fall, consider installing a membrane in the street right-of-way if the crushed stones left after snow removal operations are a concern. Come spring, they will be a lot easier to remove.

Snow stakes
Plant your plastic only snow stakes 1.5 meter away from the street. Metal stakes damage snow removal equipment and can cause injury when buried under the snow.

The street right-of-way must be clear of all obstacles, landscaping and other non-compliant installation such as decorative elements, rocks and sprinkler heads. Plan ahead to avoid problems and costly surprises!

Temporary car shelters
You can install your car shelter on and after October 15. Make sure its installation complies with municipal regulations. To avoid damages, your car shelter must be set up in a driveway or a parking space at least 2 meters away from the sidewalk or the curb or the outer limit of a ditch. Remember to remove it no later than April 15.
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