IMAGE - Bac noir (déchets ultimes)
Black bin (ultimate waste)
Black bin (ultimate waste)
Collection by sector Expected / known dates Frequency
  • One (1) collection per sector every other Wednesday, year-round
  • One 240-litre black bin (garbage) provided by the Town
Map of collections by sector
See the section titled “map of collections by sector”. Roads and arteries that delimit the sectors are part of the EAST sector: Rue du Bordelais, Place de l’Harmonie, Place du Chantelys, Croissant de Neufchatel and Montée Saint‑Robert.

Frequently asked questions
To avoid odours and insects during hot weather, follow instructions provided in the “Frequently Asked Questions” document.

MANDATORY requirements to participate in this collection
  • Respect materials accepted in this collection
  • One 240-litre black bin (garbage) provided by the Town
  • Lid must be CLOSED
  • A clearance of 2 feet (or 0.61 m) around the bin must be provided to accommodate the mechanical arm
  • Handle and wheels of the bin must be facing your home
  • Place the bin Place the bin in your private entrance (on the left side when facing your home), 5 feet (1.5 m) from the street
    (this position will prevent your bin from being overturned by snow removal trucks when they plow the street. Your bin will lean on the snow bank):
    • No later than 7 a.m. on the Wednesday of the collection
    • And starting at 7 p.m. the evening before the collection
Ultimate waste accepted
  • Ultimate waste that cannot be recovered, recycled, valorized at home, in a collection offered by the city or in an ecocentre
Materials not accepted in the black bin
  • All materials that can be recovered, recycled, valorized (leaves, branches, sand, gravel, grass, food residues, recyclables, hazardous household waste, construction materials, etc.)
  • All waste left next to the bin (garbage bags, leaf bags, items, objects, boxes) unless it is a bulky item left on the day they are accepted (see the “bulky items” section)
Occasional surplus of household wastes (diapers also) that are accepted in the black bin
  • Compliant household garbage bags can be brought at no cost at:
    • The municipal workshops at no charge (in the town container):
    • From Monday to Friday during business hours
    • Resident ID Card required
    • NB: bags may be open by employees to ensure the content is compliant
    • Bulky items are not accepted (see ecocentres)

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