Rinçage des réseaux (motifs, périodes, carte et avis)
Flushing of aqueduct networks (reasons, periods, map and notices)
Flushing of aqueduct networks (reasons, periods, map and notices)
Flushing periods are advertised in both a French and English newspaper, as well as in the Town’s newsletter and on Facebook.

The flushing of the networks started on Monday, August 24, 2020. 
It could extend over a 11-week period as follows in the table below.

*  The dates are given for information purposes only. The schedule may vary depending on the priorities and emergencies assigned to ground crews. In addition, the duration of the flushing varies from year to year depending on changes brought to the network and observations made by the technicians during the flushing.

Network Usual rinsing period
Due to COVID, the spring flushing was postponed to the month of August.
In progress | Starts on *
Saddlebrook Spring
Started on Tuesday, August 25, 2020
(approx. 2 weeks)
Sainte-Angélique - UPPER
(à l’ouest de la rue du Bordelais et de la montée Saint‑Robert
Starting on Tuesday, October 20, 2020
(approx. 4 weeks)
Will be completed at the ned of  Thursday, Nov. 5 
Sainte-Angélique – LOWER
(à l’est de la rue du Bordelais et de la montée Saint‑Robert)
Started Monday, September 14, 2020
(approx. 4 weeks)
Saint-Louis Spring
Started on Tuesday, September 8, 2020
(aprrox. 1 week)
The complete annual flushing of the pipes:
  • Is required to:
    • Eliminate deposits in pipes
    • Maintain good drinking water quality
  • Extends over approximately 3 weeks
  • Temporarily affects:
    • The clarity of the water
    • The water pressure
    • But not the quality, make it flow until it becomes clear
  • Is advertised using the newsletter
  • Can be viewed on the rinsing map
Consumption of yellowish or brownish water
Although we do not recommend drinking brownish or yellowish-coloured water mainly because of the taste and smell that can be modified, coloured water can be used for other daily tasks.

Laundry during flushing periods
Before doing the laundry, check the color of the water. During the rinsing periods, it is suggested to do the laundry after 5 pm.

It is not recommended to use coloured water to wash white clothing during or after a network rinse, as it is likely the clothing will be stained, especially if bleach is used. Products that remove rust stains on various surfaces exist and are sold in hardware stores.

Let the water run
If a yellowish or brownish water episode occurs at a residence, the only way to remedy this situation is to let the cold water run from the tap (bath) until it becomes clear.

Abnormal situations
During the next operation, if you notice any abnormal situations, do not hesitate to contact the Public Works Department.

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