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Tree and woodland conservation by-Law
Tree and woodland conservation by-Law
Trees 3 cm in diameter may appear small. However, the renewal of the forest cover depends on how we protect these smaller trees. For more information on the Tree and woodland conservation by-law, see the "Green sheet" section.

Green sheet no. 10 “Trees and woodland conservation”
A green sheet on tree and woodland conservation is available. This fact sheet provides valuable advice on the responsibilities of landowners, on cutting permits, replacing trees, as well as instructions during a new construction. see the "Green sheets section.

Fines and bird-eye-view of the by-law
Trees are protected by a by-law. By-law no. 771:
  • Protects branches, trunks, roots and crowns

  • Prohibits:

    • Cutting a tree more than 3 cm in diameter, 30 cm from the ground, regardless of its condition (dead, alive, damaged, dangerous),
      without first obtaining a certificate of authorisation for cutting down a tree (free)

    • Topping, which consists of cutting the main shaft (trunk or crown) of the tree to decrease its height

    • The use of spurs (unless the tree needs to be cut down)

    • Excessive pruning (note responsible pruning does not require a certificate of authorization)

    • Backfill around a tree

  • Allows to require:

    • In certain circumstances, the erection, at the owner’s expense, of a protective cage around certain trees during construction work, for example

    • Replacement of one or more felled trees after obtaining a certificate
Offenders are subject to fines.

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