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Last updated: 03/03/2017
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The first French-speaking colonists began settling in the 18th century on the land granted by the Lord who, at the time, owned Vaudreuil, Rigaud and Lotbinière. These three domains were subdivided in concessions. Among those of Vaudreuil were Côte St-Charles, Pointe Cavagnol and Côte St-Louis where Solomon Grout was the first to settle in 1812. The first settlers cultivated the land and traded their crops in exchange for the use of the land. Their harvests included oat, rye, buckwheat, corn, potatoes, peas, beans, tomatoes and hay. The majority of the first English-speaking immigrants arrived after the war of 1812. Most where from New-England, England especially from Cumberland and Scotland.

In 1875, residents living in the parish we now call St-Lazare, expressed their desire to create a distinct region. On December 29th, 1875, an act confers the status of municipality to the territory of St-Lazare which, in 1876, takes the name of the Corporation Municipale de la Paroisse de St-Lazare. The Lord’s tenure is also abolished.

According to stories carried on from generation to generation, other business men would have been seduced by the idea of exploiting iron mines along the Sainte-Angélique concession road. This first production and extraction of natural resources became an incentive for other merchants to settle in the area : three sawmills to handle tree cuttings and fulfil local construction needs, horses to pull wagons carrying mineral extracts to be shipped off to the iron forges of those days including that of St-Maurice. From agriculture to mines to mills, St-Lazare sees the beginning of its commercial activity. The residents of St-Lazare are named Lazarois and Lazaroise, not be be confused with Lazarien and Lazariene from St-Lazare-de-Bellechasse.

The new Library of Saint-Lazare officially opens its doors on March 4th, 2003, ten years after the opening of the former library.

29 décembre : On December 29, Saint-Lazare officially becomes a "Town".

Saint-Lazare inaugurates it's new community center to serve a population of 13 310.

The Town evacuates more than 70% of its territory during the fire than destroyed the Regent chemical plant. The Town also celebrates its 125th anniversary

The roof of the Roman Catholic Church must be redone following the ice storm.

The new des Seigneuries police Corp is created and replaced the one dedicated to Saint-Lazare.

The municipal logo, we know today, is adopted. It represents the groundwater, the sand, the forest canopy, the equestrian vocation as well as the environmental quality.

Saint-Lazare counts 5064 residents.

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