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Duties on transfers of immovables (Welcome tax)

Duties on transfers of immovables (Welcome tax)

Duties on transfers of immovables are amounts that are payable when the right of ownership on a property is transferred. The buyer or buyers are responsible for paying these amounts. These duties are calculated based on the highest of the following amounts:

  • Purchase price (price paid for the acquisition of the building)  
  • The value indicated on the municipal assessment roll multiplied by a factor that takes into consideration the real market value of the building (Market value = Value on the roll x Comparative factor, namely 1.05 for the year 2020)
  • The amount of the consideration indicated on the deed of transfer (for example, the total sale price less the value of the furniture)

The Town of Saint-Lazare will issue a bill to new owners in the month following the transaction. This bill must be paid in one lump sum no later than 31 days following the date the bill was issued. If you have not received a bill in the month following your transaction, please contact the Town as soon as possible.  

Duties on transfers of immovables are calculated based on the rules and rates prescribed by law:

  • 0.5% for the first $51,700;
  • 1.0% between $51,701 and $258,600;
  • 1.5% for amounts over $258,601.



A house is evaluated at $355,000 and sold for $370,000. The amount used by the Town for the calculation is $372,750 since it is the highest between the selling price and the market value. (Market value of $372,750: $355,000 x comparative factor of 1.05)

The transfer duties will therefore be calculated as follows:  




Between $0 and $51,700



Between $51,701 and $258,600



Over $258,601  



Total duties




Special duties

Special duties are a form of compensation in lieu of transfer duties that are billed to buyers whose transaction is exempted.

A municipality can collect special duties up to a maximum of $200 when a transaction is exempted from duties on transfers of immovables.

The Town of Saint-Lazare does not apply special duties.  


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