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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Dindons sauvages
Wild turkeys
Sightings of this once disappeared bird have increased in Saint-Lazare over the past few years. Distinguishing this bird is actually a simple task since nothing else really looks like it, well, nothing but maybe farm-raised turkeys!

Their bluish-purple heads are featherless and hard to miss. Their bodies are covered with bronze-green feathers and their legs are purplish-pink. If you’ve ever seen a turkey, you can certainly identify a wild turkey.

In Saint-Lazare they are often spotted in Chaline Valley, on chemin Saint-Louis, on rue du Huard and even in the parking lot of the Octo garage on route de la Cité-des-Jeunes! The sightings are logical as the birds prefer a mix of habitats such as open meadows and woodlands and most of our agricultural fields are in this area.

They have a highly varied diet consisting of nuts, insects, spiders, slugs, berries, clover as well as acorns and can travel over 3 kilometres per hour to feed. Their home range can cover 400 to 2000 acres. Many citizens have seen them happily pecking in their back yard. And, they will likely continue to see them through the winter as the birds do not hibernate nor do they fly south.

The fact that we are seeing them in our area is a good sign. The birds actually disappeared from the Canadian landscape at the turn of the 20th century due to hunting pressures. Efforts to reintroduce the bird have been undertaken in Canada as well as in the north-eastern United-States. The birds we are seeing in Saint-Lazare are most likely a result of the American efforts.

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