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Urgent message of love

*A phone/SMS/email alert is in progress for community alert subscribers. Please help our seniors respect the quarantine*

This message of love is for seniors 70 years of age and older, as well as their loved ones and friends

Currently, statistics show that 8 seniors out of every 100 aged 70 and more die of the coronavirus. These deaths increase to 15 in one 100 seniors when they are aged 80 and older. Seniors are the most vulnerable! Please don’t be the next!

Your children, grandchildren, friends, brothers and sisters, as well as the City of Saint-Lazare, are pleading with you to respect the instructions of Prime Minister François Legault by the book and to stay at home to protect your life.

You are important to all of us and we need you!

Let our merchants take care of you!
Order your groceries, your meals and medications over the phone or online. Consult the list of businesses and organizations that offer you home delivery

Updates on the situation in Saint-Lazare:

Services, online orders and deliveries

You are in isolation? You’re aged 70 and older? Take advantage of what your local merchants offer: home delivery services! You’re not familiar with the Internet or Facebook? No problem! Just call!

  • Renew your medical prescriptions by phone and have them delivered. Take the opportunity to include some pharmacy items in your delivery.
  • Do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered to your door! Not familiar with an online order? Don’t worry, do it over the phone, just dictate your list with the name of the products you need, with or without the brand. You can also specify the maximum amount you want to pay for the product!

Here is a first list of services available to you. This list is not exhaustive but will be updated as more services are added! For restaurants, many will continue to offer their usual delivery menu while others will offer an adapted menu. Contact them!

*This list is subject to change daily. Thank you for your understanding*

Service / business

Menu / products

Ordering by phone

Ordering on Internet or Facebook

Special measures

Pharmacie Pharmaprix

Medications and other pharmacy products





Home delivery for everything that is essential and medical at no cost

Pharmacie Brunet et Brunet + (previously Familiprix)

Medications and other pharmacy products


Ask for prescription deliveries

Home delivery for everything that is essential and medical at no cost

Source d’Entraide

Closed but to help residents in need it offers an outdoor pantry free of charge

In person 
2252 Sainte-Angélique Road
The pantry is in front of the premises (park in front because the parking is closed)



Meals on wheels

(Centre communautaire des aînés de Soulanges)

Hot and frozen meals




Delivery of frozen meals to provide seniors with meals in the freezer for a long enough period

IGA Déziel


Visit the website or
Simply call with your grocery list



(summary or detailed list) – no panic, assistance provided

or from your Facebook page (write IGA Déziel St-Lazare in the search toolbar ) – your email will be required. Instructions are given for a first order

No delivery fee for 70+ years

Délices et café


Daily menu on Facebook $5/meal
Order before 10:30 am each day


Facebook (

No delivery fee.

Deliveries between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. every day

Caterer House of James Mitchell




Facebook: site :





Home delivery for orders of $20 minimum - no delivery fee




Home delivery for orders of $50 or more

Roma pizza plus



Home delivery for orders of $15 minimum - no delivery fee in Saint-Lazare

Restaurant Amir


450 458-3232

Home delivery

Restaurant Maison de Chine Meals 450 424-9898
Home delivery (not on Monday & Tuesday)
Restaurant Royal Pizzeria Express Meals 450-510-0550

Home delivery
Souvlaki Authentique Meals 450-202-2200 Home delivery

360 Degree Gourmet
Caterer 514-476-2661

Home delivery
William J. Walter Artistry of sausages 450 455-3339

Mr. Luc La Prairie, Saint-Lazare resident, offers free delivery of William J Walter’s products

Home delivery
(not on Monday)

Covid-19: senior's special newsletter

Special newsletter for seniors

Monday, March 16, 2020 – updated March 17, 2020

If you are reading this and you are not an elder 70 years of age or older, please share the information with any resident 70 years of age or older, whether a family member or neighbour, and make yourself available to help them. A paper copy will be distributed to seniors’ centres.

Saint-Lazare (Québec), Monday, March 16, 2020 – Prime Minister François Legault is asking seniors aged 70 and over to avoid leaving the house as much as possible. If you are an elder, here is some information that concerns you.


If you have been in contact with a person who has travelled abroad and you believe you’ve been infected with COVID-19 (fever, cough or difficulty breathing), contact the Coronavirus line at 1-877-644-4545 first. Information is also available at


Services, online orders and deliveries

If you are a senior aged 70 and older, it is very important you stay at home to minimize the risk of exposure and contamination. Let us remind you that seniors are the age group most affected by the COVID-19. To limit your essential outings, take advantage of what your local merchants offer: home delivery services! You’re not familiar with the Internet or Facebook? No problem! Just call!

Renew your medical prescriptions by phone and have them delivered. Take the opportunity to include some pharmacy items in your delivery.

Do your grocery shopping online and have it delivered to your door! Not familiar with an online order? Don’t worry, do it over the phone, just dictate your list with the name of the products you nedd, with or without the brand. You can also specify the maximum amount you want to pay for the product! See the list of delivery services available to you in the article above.

Senior gatherings and activities

Until further notice, all activities offered to seniors by the city and the different organisations are cancelled, including activities offered by:

The Town in:

  • Its own premises (community centre and library - for example the senior fitness classes, board game evenings, the senior’s reading club, etc.)
  • Third-party facilities (schools, Saint-Lazare Sports Complex - for example, drop-in gym activities such as pickleball, volleyball, badminton, basketball and skating, etc.)
  • By organisations in:
  • Town premises for example the bridge, TaiChi and Qigong, lectures and workshops as well as iPad courses and any activity in a chalet
  • Third party premises for example shared meals at the Saint-Lazare church


The following organisations, although not an exhaustive list, have suspended their activities until further notice due to the age of the participants or the age of volunteers:


  • Centre communautaire des aînés de Soulanges (meals on wheels based on needs and resources)
  • Centre d’action bénévole (according to needs and resources)
  • Cercle de Fermières
  • Club de l’âge d’or de Saint-Lazare (seniors’club)
  • Groupe Folklorique
  • Repas partagés (shared meals)
  • Source d’Entraide (seul un garde-manger extérieur est disponible)

Closure of Town buildings and services

Until further notice, the following municipal buildings are closed:

  • The library: patrons are invited to renew their documents online at and to drop-off their books in the outdoor book-deposit box (there will be no penalties until the library reopens). Any document in your possession may be renewed online for periods of 3-weeks, without renewal limits.
  • All park chalets, including the welcome chalet at Parc les Forestiers-de-Saint-Lazare
  • The Ado'Zone (teens’zone)

The municipal workshops, the community centre and the fire station will be accessible only:

  • To deliveries
  • And by appointment by calling 450-424-8000:
    • Ext. 250: Workshops
    • Ext. 220: Community centre
    • Ext. 317: Fire station
  • Doors will be locked at all times

Access to City Hall is limited. Residents MUST book an appointment prior to coming because doors will be locked starting on Monday, March 23, 2020. Prioritize email and phone communications.

Need Town information

Don’t hesitate to call us for town information at 450-424-8000, ext. 221.

Senior's Guide 2019-2020

Click HERE or on the image below to download

Low Impact Fitness 50 +

You are aged 50 and up? This is your chance to stay in shape! 
Mondays and Wednesdays, between 2:30 and 3:30 p.m.
Winter and Spring: January 13th to May 13th, 2020. No class on January 20th, April 13th and 15th.
At Saint-Lazare Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois)
Info: 450-424-8000 ext.216

Along rhythmical music, a fitness professional will guide you through various physical activities.
No registration required, simply show up!

Bring a floor mat, towel and bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.

NEW! At Westwood Junior (2800 Rue du Bordelais)
Every Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m., starting on September 17th, 2019

Sages branchés - book club for seniors

Sages branchés - book club for seniors in French
Wednesdays, January 22nd, February 19th and March 18th at 10 a.m.
Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois)

Do you enjoy reading? Want to join a group of people your age who share the same passion? Our book club for seniors may be just what you’re looking for.

English book club: The Book Nut Club

The first meeting of the English group will be held at the Community
Centre (1301 Rue Du Bois) on December 12 at 10 a.m.

Information at the Saint-Lazare Library (1275 Rue du Bois), by calling 450
424-8000, extension 260 or by email at:

Activities for seniors

A brand new Facebook group to reduce senior's isolation

As part of the work and recommendations issued by members of the Saint-Lazare Elders’ council, a brand new Facebook group was created to help bring together Saint-Lazare elders around subjects that concern them all. This group, which requires you register for additional security, will activities and services offered to seniors by the Town and will be fed seniors to promote local and regional activities and services offered by organizations.

To subscribe to the group, seniors must have an personal Facebook page. Then it is simply a matter of submitting a request at the following address:

Lire et faire lire program

The joy of reading shared by children and volunteer seniors.  

Lire et faire lire is a true form of active citizenship! The association offers an intergenerational reading program through local branches across Quebec. The simplicity of the program is what makes it truly appealing. During the academic year, seniors volunteer to read to children in one of their local schools once a week. Each volunteer is assigned its own group of 2 to 5 preschool children, kindergarten children, 1st graders or 2nd graders (4 to 8 years of age).

The program’s mission can be summed up in one key word: ENJOYMENT. The enjoyment of having someone read you a story, of reading yourself, of sharing and creating a bond.

Lire et faire lire has two main objectives:

  • Foster a love of books and reading in children
  • Build intergenerational connections

Interested in being part of this fabulous adventure?  


Becoming a Lire et faire lire volunteer reader is easy!

You must:

  • Love children and reading
  • Be 50 years of age or older
  • Be available during the day, one hour per week for eight consecutive weeks (between September and May)
  • Be able to make your way to the school in your area that is part of the program
  • Be able to read in French

You will then be able to:

  • Take part in an intergenerational activity focused on the joy of books and reading
  • Share your love of books and reading
  • Share and discuss with a small group of 2 to 5 children between the ages of 4 and 8, allowing them to benefit from your life experience
  • Meet other interesting volunteer readers

You must register before Monday, August 26, 2019. The activity takes place between September 2019 and May 2020.  

Selected volunteers will be contacted in August 2017.

Volunteer seniors: register at the Saint-Lazare Library where you will be assigned a school or daycare within the Saint-Lazare territory.

Schools and daycares within the Saint-Lazare territory: Do you wish to have volunteer seniors come to your classrooms to read to your students in French? Register at the Library.  

In person at 1275 Du Bois Street, Saint-Lazare (QC)  J7T 3B5

By phone at 450 424-8000, extension 212

By email at



A new grant for seniors

As of the 2016 municipal taxation year, seniors who meet certain conditions may be eligible for a grant to help offset a municipal tax increase brought about by a significant increase in the value of their residence.

For more information, visit Revenu Quebec website.

Medical and orthopedic equipment

Adaptaction Montérégie

AdaptAction offers the rental  of a large aray of medical and orthopedic equipment at small prices (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs etc.) to improve your everyday life.

Local and regional resources

Action communautaire de Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Looking for local and regional resources ? Whether it be for momentary help, transportation, food and clothing? Visit and discover the complete list of resources made available to you.

Pair Program

The Pair program is an automated call service that gets in touch with elders to make sure that they are in good health. The subscribers receive these calls at predetermined hours, once or more per day*.

In the region, this program is offered by the centre d'action bénévole l'Actuel.

Contact 450-455-3331.

Soulanges Elders Community Centre

The Soulanges Elders Community Centre offers meals-on-wheels and respite care services. You can contact volunteers by email or phone 450-265-3548. Or follow them on their Facebook Page.

Saint-Lazare Elders/Bridge Club

Consult their blog.

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