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Council Meetings and Minutes
Séance du conseil municipal

Live broadcast

We invite you to visit YouTube, on meeting nights, to view the event live. The broadcast will begin at the opening of the session. The recording can then be viewed offline, at the same address, following the meeting, within 48 hours following the meeting.

To optimize the quality of the video viewed on YouTube do not forget to change the settings in the viewing window (small serrated wheel in the lower right corner).


Council meeting in times of COVID

The public is admitted as follows:

  • First come, first served (so people may be refused access)
  • No reservation, no registration
  • A maximum of 18 people will be admitted
  • The wearing of a mask is mandatory upon entering City Hall. Individuals will only be able to remove their mask once they are seated and will be required to wear it again if they move in the premises
  • Signature of the attendance register is mandatory upon arrival
  • Each person must bring his/her own mask (none will be distributed)
  • No one will be admitted without one
  • Visors are not accepted unless the person is also wearing a mask under it
  • A distance of 2 metres must be respected between seated persons
  • Hand washing is required
  • The microphone will be disinfected with each change of public speaker

Question periods

  • Online: those who do not wish to attend in person may still submit their questions as usual by completing the online form on the day of the meeting from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (instructions provided below).
  • In person: once the meeting is opened.  Instructions will be given at the beginning of the session.


  • The meeting will be broadcasted live on YouTube, and the recording made available at the same link the next day.

 To view the agenda and subsequent minutes, please visit the site.

Online question period

Online question period during Town Council meetings

With the intention of continually facilitating and fostering citizen participation, the municipal council responds, live during the meeting, to questions asked using an online form.


Allow residents who cannot attend council meetings the opportunity to: 

  1. ask a question online  
  2. receive a live response during the meeting

Sending questions

Online questions can only be sent: 

  1. the evening of the meeting
  2. between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.
  3. by filling out the form available here 


Eligible questions

Online questions needs to be :

  • of public interest
  • addressed to
    • all council members present
    • the Mayor
    • a specific elected official  
    • a committee which one or several council members are members of 
B) Accompanied by a digital document (10 Mb max)

C) Must be:
  • Written in appropriate language (free of defamatory words or expressions, etc.) in French or in English.

Remember that questions of an "operational" nature can be asked at any time via online requests at and answered by a member of the municipal team.

Handling of questions

Answers to online questions will be given in the order in which the questions were received, first come, first served. The Board agreed to set aside a 15-minute period to answer the questions requested online. This period will begin after the first question period for those in the room on the evening of the session.

In summary:


  • The first question period is reserved for those in the room and begins after the opening of the meeting (approximately 7:30 p.m.). At the end of this period, Council will adjourned the meeting to allow a break.


  • The second question period, which will begin immediately after the break, will be reserved for questions asked online using a form. The council will allow a maximum of 15 minutes to answer.

Unanswered questions

At the end of the meeting, questions that remain unanswered will, depending on the topic, be processed:

  1. by management
  2. un the political follow-up table   

Séances du conseil et Procès‑verbaux 2020
Date Type de séance Ordre du jour envisagé* Procès‑verbal Règlement(s) proposé(s) pour adoption Autres documents présentés à la demande des élus
14 janvier à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire Documents retirés --
11 février à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire Documents retirés --
10 mars à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire Documents retirés --
17 mars Séance extraordinaire ND -- --
24 mars Séance extraordinaire ND -- --
14 avril à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire Documents retirés --
23 avril Séance extraordinaire ND 1087 --
12 mai à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire 1088 --
19 mai Séance extraordinaire ND 1089 --
9 juin à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire -- --
16 juin Séance extraordinaire ND -- --
14 juillet à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire 1090 --
11 août à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire 1091 --
8 septembre à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire 1092 --
17 septembre Séance extraordinaire N/D -- --
13 octobre à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire à venir à venir -- --
10 novembre à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire à venir à venir -- --
8 décembre à 19 h 30 Séance ordinaire à venir à venir -- --
*sujet à des modifications de dernière minute

Les séances auront donc lieu le 2e mardi de chaque mois. Toutes les séances se tiendront à l’hôtel de ville situé au 1960, chemin Sainte‑Angélique à Saint‑Lazare. Sous réserve de circonstances exceptionnelles, les ordres du jour envisagés pour chacune des séances seront diffusés sur le site Internet de la Ville le vendredi précédant toute séance.

Les procès-verbaux disponibles ici peuvent être lus et imprimés pour des fins strictement privées, informatives et non commerciales. Il est interdit de modifier, d'altérer, de reproduire, de traduire ou d'adapter de quelque façon que ce soit le contenu, total ou partiel, de ces documents. Les seules copies valides des procès-verbaux sont celles certifiées conformespar la greffière, Nathaly Rayneault.

Online question period starting March 12, 2019

New: Saint-Lazare council meetings now more accessible!

SAINT-LAZARE (Quebec), Monday, March 4, 2019  –  With the intention of continually facilitating and fostering citizen participation, starting Tuesday, March 12, 2019, the municipal council will respond to questions asked using an online form, live during the meeting.

This particular project, created and launched as a pilot project, may be revised as needed in order to improve the process.  

Addition of a 2nd question period

The evening of a council meeting, residents may now transmit questions using an online form available only from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at

As is the case with the on-site question period, questions asked online must be of public interest and be intended for the council overall, the Mayor, a specific councillor or a committee which one or more council members are part of. Note that questions of an “operational” nature can be asked anytime using online requests available at and will be responded to by a member of the municipal team.  

Questions asked online will be addressed in the order in which they are received—on a first-come, first-served basis. The council agrees to reserve a total of 15 minutes for online questions. This online question period begins after the 1st question period reserved for individuals who are physically present at the meeting. In short:

  • The 1st question period is reserved for individuals who are physically present at the meeting and begins at 7:30 p.m. When this period ends, the council members adjourn that portion of the meeting for a break.    
  • The 2nd question period, which begins immediately following the break, is reserved for questions asked online using a form. The council allocates a maximum of 15 minutes to respond to online questions. Questions that remain unanswered after the meeting will be forwarded to management and individually addressed.

In addition to general rules of conduct, other rules apply in the case of online questions, specifically with regards to the length of questions and contact information to be provided.

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