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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Règles de conduite d’un propriétaire responsable
Courtesy and code of conduct of a responsible dog owner

Moving or going on vacation ?

If you are moving or going on vacation, please don’t leave your pet homeless and searching on its own for a new address! Find your pet a new home instead of leaving it to fend for itself.
Contact a local shelter or a local organization!

Be a responsible and courteous pet owner!

A responsible dog owner:

1)   holds his/her dog on a leash as soon as they leave the property;

2)   scoops and discards dog excrements in a hygienic way at all time;

3)   does not let its dog bark, howl, moan or emit sounds so as to disturb
      the peace and the tranquility of people living or working in the neighborhood.

These three basic rules of courtesy are easy to respect and will largely improve
your relations with your neighbors!

Animals are not consumer goods!

Owning a pet is a lot of responsabilities and costs money:
• A strong commitment for many years to come;
• Covering the costs of sterilization and annual identification;
• Covering the costs related to its food and care (nails, ears, coat, grooming etc.);
• Covering the costs of regular veterinarian care
  (shots, protection against flees, heartworm, etc.) and unforeseen expenses;
• Covering boarding costs (when on vacation);
• Daily walks (for dogs);
• More frequent house cleaning (pet hair, sand, etc.)...

Be responsible : animals are not consumer goods!

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