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First responders

An important link in the response chain

To get help in an emergency, the resident or a loved one dials 9-1-1. The request for help is sent to the ambulance service central dispatch which determines if first responders need to intervene, depending on the priority of the call.  If such is the case, the closest paramedics and the first responders are dispatched almost simultaneously.

The firefighters on duty must then:

  • answer the request and confirm their availability
  • promptly and safely go to the location of the incident
  • secure the emergency scene
  • rapidly evaluate the situation and the potential risks
  • stabilize the victim
  • inform the paramedics of the victim’s condition
  • offer support to the victim’s family
  • fill out a first responder pre-hospitalisation intervention report.

Until the arrival of the paramedics, the first responders intervene under the direct supervision of the call coordination center via radio. Once the rescue team has arrived, the firefighters/first respondents help the paramedics and, if needed, accompany them to the hospital to ensure the safe transportation of the victim. 

Made-to-measure training
All Saint-Lazare firefighters have received first responder training from Formation Langevin, a recognized and accredited teaching organization, and have received their first responder card from the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Montérégie. This agency is responsible for emergency pre-hospitalisation services in our region and ensures the quality of first responder services offered on its territory.  

In addition, all Saint-Lazare firefighters/first responders must periodically undergo recertification to maintain their skills and their right to act as a first responder. 

Benefits for the Town of Saint-Lazare and its residents
The decision made by the Town of Saint-Lazare to merge its first responders with its 24/7 on-call service leads to increased protection for the Town’s residents in case of fire and to additional resources in life-threatening situations.  

We thank the Town of Magog for its help in writing this article.

Last updated: 03/03/2017
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