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Update on Borrowing By-Law 1105

Message from elected officials

At the May 11, 2021 public council meeting, Saint-Lazare's municipal council adopted a resolution to cease the process of by-law number 1105, a borrowing by-law decreed for the construction of a new pumping station on Montée Saint-Lazare.

This long-awaited project of approximately $3,386,500 was put in place to remedy the overcapacity of the sewage system in the village core which was identified a few years ago.

This project is important for Saint-Lazare for several reasons, including the possibility of building, for example, a seniors' home, much needed rental housing and to improve the town's economic development by attracting new businesses. If the sewage overcapacity is not addressed, the city will not be able to move forward with any projects. In addition, improving the village core is a frequent request from our residents.

Despite this, when we were presented with the taxation basins, we looked at several ways of calculating the cost breakdown and decided to go ahead with what was being proposed. Some areas had been included in the project because we were told that they could eventually benefit from a sewage connection. Some other owners are part of a pool of properties that have possible subdivisions, so they were left with costs associated with that possibility.

The elected officials soon realized, when residents began to contact them, that many of them did not understand the overall project or how they could benefit from it in the future. It was clear that we had not approached this project with all the elements in mind and that we had gotten off on the wrong foot.

While we understand that we cannot always meet everyone's expectations, sometimes you must admit when you are going in the wrong direction! We have heard the many comments from our residents and have taken into consideration several factors that affect this project. Although we still believe that this is an important project that needs to be done, the elected officials want to review the project while ensuring that communication and comprehension of the project is addressed, as well as a review of the cost breakdown with a perspective of finding a more satisfactory outcome.

We hope to come back with a new proposal for this project in the near future.

By-law 1105

You recently received a letter regarding the new pumping station construction project. Below is a brief explanation of the project.

What is a pumping station?

A pumping station is an infrastructure that facilitates the transport of your wastewater (sinks, toilets, washing, etc.) to the sewage treatment plant (aerated ponds) located on Rue des Monarques, where it will be treated before being released into the environment.

There are several pumping stations on the Saint-Lazare territory, including:

The Sainte-Angélique pumping station located at 1375 Chemin Sainte-Angélique at the corner of Rue Champêtre. This station transports wastewater directly to the sewage treatment plant (rue des Monarques).
The Bédard pumping station located at the corner of Avenue Bédard and Rue de la Plantation (easily visible by the curb between the Complexe sportif Saint-Lazare and the school À l'Orée-du-Bois). This station transfers wastewater in the pipe under Chemin Sainte-Angélique towards the Sainte-Angélique pumping station.

These 2 installations date back to 1995. They were designed with the development projections at the time in mind, projections that no longer reflect today’s reality.

This sewer system, including the pipe under Chemin Sainte-Angélique, has reached its full transport capacity. This pipe receives and transports the wastewater relayed by the Bédard pumping station.

To remedy this situation, these 2 stations must be split to allow the Bédard station to transport its own wastewater directly to the sewage treatment plant without going through the pipe under Chemin Sainte-Angélique (and thus through the Sainte-Angélique pumping station).

To do so, construction work is required, including the addition of concrete chambers and the construction of a new discharge pipe. This work will:

  • Restore the capacity of the sanitary network to transport wastewater to the Sainte-Angélique pumping station
  • Increase the ultimate flow to the treatment plant
  • To meet the needs for additional connections, for example when individual septic systems (septic tanks and sewage fields) have reached their useful lifespan, or for any other owner who wishes to connect to or extend the network.

Without this project, it will be impossible to connect other properties to the sewer.

What is the purpose of By-Law 1105?

A moratorium, in effect since 2019, currently prevents any zoning change, street opening, sewer extension and cadastral subdivision in the downtown area, served by the Sainte-Angélique pumping station.

By-Law 1105 seeks to borrow the money required to expand the Bédard pumping station and deliver its wastewater directly to the sewage treatment plant, which will allow the lifting of the moratorium on the sanitary sewer, in addition to relieving the Sainte-Angélique pumping station.

Distribution of costs and areas served by this work

In its planning, the City has identified areas that will eventually benefit from the sanitary sewer service. The amount borrowed to carry out this work will be spread over 20 years and split according to 4 sectors determined according to specific criteria. The amounts indicated in the letters are maximum estimates. They do not include the costs of extending the network or of a private connection to the network (the portion that extends between the house and the pipe under the street).

Areas served by this work

Four sectors are included in the by-law and will eventually be served by sanitary sewer:

  • Sector 1 (tax basin no. 1 of the by-law): this sector is mainly built, with a few units that have nevertheless been integrated into sector 1, and not serviced by sanitary sewer. Existing homes therefore currently have septic tanks and sewage fields.
  • Sectors 2 to 4 (tax basins no. 2 to 4 of the by-law): are sectors which include lots to be built or redeveloped. To establish an equitable distribution of costs among current owners, the maximum number of potential housing units is based on zoning by-law number 771 and includes the city’s obligations under the Montreal Metropolitan Community's (MMC) Metropolitan Land Use and Development Plan (MDP). To be fair and to reflect the real development potential, the City must consider the preservation of wetlands, streams and shoreline strips, the presence of a gas system servitudes in some cases and permanent agricultural areas. Everything was taken into consideration in order to obtain the most realistic picture of the potential development for each of the lots.

By-law and Public Notice

Documents related to the by-law are available on the City’s website at the, located under the “Municipal services” tab, under “Municipal by-laws (Projects)”. The following link provides direct access to the adoption session:

For more information on the steps leading to the approval of the by-law by government authorities, we invite you to consult the public notice on the City’s website, under the tab "The Town", under the heading "Public Notices (Legal)". Here is the link to directly access the document:

Notice to owners concerning the project to build a new pumping station

Project to build a new pumping station in the vicinity of Montée Saint-Lazare (corner of Avenue Bédard and Rue de la Plantation)

Owners who have received one of 2 notices sent by mail concerning :

  • Bassin 1
  • Bassin 2 to 4

Will find below a generic translation of the original French text. In case of discrepancy between the French and the English version, the French version prevails.

Should more explanations be required, please contact the reception desk of the Infrastructure Department at 450-424-8000 ext. 235.

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