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Courtesy and decency for better neighbourly relations

Insuring harmony in Saint-Lazare’s neighbourhoods

Saint-Lazare (Quebec), Wednesday, June 5, 2019  –  The Town of Saint-Lazare reaffirms its position as a green town characterized by rural tranquility in an urban environment. As summer approaches, the Town launches its communications campaign aimed at reminding residents to demonstrate courtesy and decency in order to ensure and sustain good neighbourly relations.

As such, several of the articles included as part of Nuisance By-law 450 have been illustrated on posters to be displayed in town:

Article 18 of By-law 450

Article 21 of By-law 450

 Article 22 of By-law 450

Article 23 of By-law 450

Article 30 of By-law 450

Watch for these 4 x 8 posters, slated to be displayed at the Town entrances!

Questions and additional information

For more information on this topic or for any questions related to the application of By-law 450, visit the Town’s Web site at or contact the Urban Planning Department either by phone at 450 424-8000, extension 242 or by email at

2019 Campaign

For sustainable neighbourhoods
Organize an awareness campaign in your neighbourhood

The Town is now offering a tool to help residents organize awareness campaigns to encourage good practices for a sustainable neighbourhood.

From now on, friendly reminders dealing with noise and dog barking can be distributed in your neighbourhood to remind your neighbours they aren’t alone. Other subjects will eventually be introduced.

Organizing your campaign:
Residents can either organize their campaign on their own or with other members of their community. Here are a few ideas to help you:

· Target an area, surrounding streets and the number of homes to visit;
· Find a distribution team (you, neighbours, youngsters, etc.);
· Get the amount of leaflets you need from Town Hall (1960 Chemin Sainte-Angélique);
· Distribute them at an appropriate time of day (when people are at home so you can discuss with them and that the leaflet will not be lost with other ones);
· Measure the impact of your awareness campaign. Have the neighbours responded positively? Has noise reduced?
· Let the Town know how it went.

This initiative was set forth to help improve neighborhood relations. An easy way to carry a message across without aiming anybody!

To get copies of the reminders or for more information contact Elaine Gadoury, communication officer at 450-424-8000 ext. 251.

Excessive noise
The Laststraws and the Bellybuttons
Animal Life
The Laststraws and the Bellybuttons
Règlement numéro 830
remplaçant le règlement rmh-450 portant sur les nuisances

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