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Low Flush Toilet
The explanations provided here, as well as on the online and paper application forms are intended to facilitate the understanding of the financial assistance and do not replace the legal definitions of the policies. In the event of differences of interpretation, the full French text of the original policy prevails. 

Politique 029  Politique 029 (official French text)

Would you like to replace your old toilet with a more eco-friendly water-saving one? We are offering financial assistance to encourage the replacement of standard toilets with low-flow toilets which use 6 litres or less per flush.  Through this programme, the Town hopes to promote the responsible consumption of drinking water.

Attention: It is mandatory to provide a photo of the standard toilet taken at its original location, before its replacement to receive the subsidy. 

Up to 2 toilets per household will be eligible for a subsidy of $50 per toilet.

The submission of the application for financial assistance must be made before December 15 of the current year.  

To obtain a refund

You must fill out an application on-line.

In step 2, in the Details section, under Request category, select Housing, Urban Planning and Environment.  Under Type of request, select Low-flow toilet (refund). In the Description of the application box, simply enter Refund Request.

In step 3, attach the following documents:

  • the invoice for the toilet ;
  • a photo of the standard toilet taken  at its original location, before  its replacement;
  • a photo of the low-flow toilet installed to replace the old toilet.

The Town must receive your application within 12 months of purchase. A refund cheque will be issued within 90 days of the submission of the application.  

*The old toilets must, as much as possible, be disposed of at an eco-centre.

Last updated: 06/18/2019
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