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Portable Fire Extinguisher

Inspection by the owner

  • Turn your fire extinguisher upside down and give it a shake once a month to avoid packing of the powder.
  • Have your fire extinguisher recharged after use even if only partially discharged or do not use again in the case of a disposable portable extinguisher.
  • Have your portable fire extinguisher checked by an expert if you notice any damage, i.e. if the gauge indicates that the pressure is too low or too high or if the safety pin is missing.

Inspection by an expert

Be wary of unscrupulous door-to door salespeople who ring your doorbell. Municipalities receive reports of fraud each year.

Here is what you must know:

  • Municipalities do not hire companies to inspect portable fire extinguishers in single-family homes.
  • Portable fire extinguishers are not required by municipal by-laws in single-family homes but they are highly recommended.
  • The owners of buildings where portable fire extinguishers are required by law are made aware of the importance of having their extinguishers inspected and serviced by reliable and reputable businesses with a known business address.
  • A non-disposable ABC powder portable fire extinguisher in good condition must be serviced every six years after the date of manufacture and not every year.

Comité régional de prévention des incendies du Suroît

This page was written in collaboration with the comité régional de prévention incendie du Suroît which Ville de Saint-Lazare is a member.

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