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Drawing from the Source

Collective work by La Source d’entraide volunteers

December 1, 2014, Saint-Lazare, Quebec.
– The unveiling of a collective work entitled Puisez à la Source took place at the Saint-Lazare library on Friday, November 28, 2014, in the presence of Councillor Denis Briard, member of the Advisory Committee (culture), the members of council, Ms. Madeleine Turgeon, head of the cultural committee, Mr. Michel Piché, head librarian, Ms. Johanne Lavigne, one of the artist in charge of the project, the volunteers at La Source d’entraide and several other artists.

“We are here today for the unveiling of a collective work created by the artists and the volunteers who are the pillars of our community. The Town of Saint-Lazare is proud to have contributed the sum of $2,000 to this cultural mediation project on the theme of ‘drawing from the source’, said Saint-Lazare councilor Denis Briard enthusiastically.

The councillors Mr Serge David, Mrs Brigitte Asselin,  Mr Denis Briard, and Mrs Lise Jolicoeur, along with Michel Piché, Chief Librarian, Madeleine Turgeon, cultural committee president, Johanne Lavigne, artist, Linda Poirier, La Source d'entraide president and some vounteers. 

Working side by side, the volunteers at La Source d’entraide and local artists Marie-Eve Longtin and Johanne Lavigne created a collective work which highlights the organization’s involvement in our community. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the mission and values of La Source d’entraide which began its activities in Saint-Lazare 25 years ago.

The Town of Saint-Lazare granted the Saint-Lazare cultural committee a $2,000 subsidy to carry out this project. This subsidy is in line with the Town’s cultural policy adopted in 2010 with the aim of supporting local artisans through the creation of works related to the community.

This work entitled Puisez à la Source is on display at the Saint-Lazare library for one full year. Afterwards, it will be exhibited in the organization’s premises.

A collective work is also called cultural mediation

“Cultural mediation gives legitimacy, in the past, present and future, to the languages through which men can think their social life, imagine their future and give the forms and the logics of creation to their dreams, desires and ideas,” explained Saint-Lazare head librarian Michel Piché, quoting author Bernard Lamizet’s definition.

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Other exhibits at the Library

Rue de Carillon now open

Opening of a new street

 SAINT-LAZARE. Quebec, November 24, 2014. - Ville de Saint-Lazare is proud to announce the recent opening of the Rue de Carillon extension in Vallée-Chaline. This new section is an alternative to the exit on Rue Chaline which was until now the only way in or out for Vallée-Chaline residents if the railway level crossing became obstructed.

The first phase of this project was completed in September 2013, with the closure of the level crossing and the construction of a section of Rue de Carillon to facilitate the evacuation of the neighbourhood in case of an emergency.

Initially estimated at $375,000, the construction of the new section was carried out by municipal employees, which enabled the Town to save more than half the cost.

If you have any questions or want further information, please contact the Town’s Infrastructure Department at 450 424-8000, extension 235, or at

New speed limits

Reducing the risks and facilitating cohabitation

November 10, 2014, Saint-Lazare, QUEBEC. – Ville de Saint-Lazare wishes to inform its residents that the Quebec Ministry of Transportation has approved by-law 905 changing the speed limit in three specific areas on the Saint-Lazare territory: Montée Poirier, Chemin du Fief and Chemin Sainte-Angélique downtown. This decision stems from road traffic analyses and studies and from numerous requests received from residents in these areas concerned with the safety of both pedestrians and riders. These changes came into force on November 5, 2014.

The speed limits have been reduced as follows:

1)      Chemin du Fief: from 70 km/h to 50 km/h. This unpaved road is very popular among riders.

2)      Montée Poirier: from 80 km/h to 70 km/h to protect the access to the Pinière; and lastly

3)      Chemin Sainte-Angélique (downtown): from 50 km/h to 40 km/h to promote walking as part of Saint-Lazare’s downtown revitalisation project.


Municipal by-laws 905 and RMH-399 are available in their entirety in By-Laws section. 

For additional information, please contact Fire and Public Safety director Daniel Boyer at 450 424-8000, extension 208, or by e-mail at .

Volunteers' Night

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), November 3rd 2014. Ville de Saint-Lazare held its annual volunteer’s night on Saturday, November 1st, 2014. Over 170 people attended this highly-coloured event under the medieval theme. Mayor Robert Grimaudo and members of council were thrilled to attend this event and recognize our indispensable volunteers.

Congratulations to the winners of the draw (Visa Desjardins card worth of $100) :

Denise Lalonde of Cercle des Fermières
Chantal Paulin of Source d’entraide
Judith Théoret of Ligue balle molle féminine
Gaétan Charlebois of Club Optimiste
Claudette Chevrier of Source d’entraide

Congratulations to the big winner Marya Bériault  of club Optimiste who wins a voucher worth $350 at the Forfaiterie.

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Saint-Lazare consults its residents during a special brunch

SAINT-LAZARE (QUÉBEC), October 27, 2014 – On Sunday, October 26, 2014, as part of the municipal family policy and senior-friendly municipality initiatives, the Town of Saint-Lazare conducted a group discussion on the needs of its residents in terms of recreation, public safety, community life, town planning and living environment. Nearly fifty residents took part in this informal get-together and also enjoyed the brunch.

The Town mayor and councillors were on site to hear what the population had to say. This great brainstorming session took place in a friendly atmosphere and everyone was able to freely express their opinion.

The municipal team is currently compiling the data which will be submitted to the Town council in November. An action plan will then be drawn up according to the recommendations made by the participants.

Please visit our Family Policy section for background information and to view the document presented.

Congratulations to our winners who won either an Ipad mini, an Android tablet or a voucher worth $100 in a local business: Nicole Brunelle, Pierrette Joly, Marie Rennie, Edith Chouinard, Sonia Lefebvre, Pierre Lamoureux, Amély Fafard, Ethan Chang and Alexis Lépine.

From left to right: Denis Briard, councillor, Marie Rennie, resident, Régis Lévesque representing Édith Chouinard, resident, Pamela Tremblay, councillor, Ethan Chang, resident, Robert Grimaudo, Mayor, Serge David, councillor, Nicole Brunelle, resident, Amély Fafard, resident, Pierre Lamoureux, resident, Richard Nataf and Brigitte Asselin, councillors.

View the pictures of the event

Consult the document presented during the brunch.

La ministre Lucie Charlebois annonce une aide financière pour la construction d'une caserne de pompiers à Saint-Lazare

La ministre déléguée à la Réadaptation, à la Protection de la jeunesse et à la Santé publique et députée de Soulanges, madame Lucie Charlebois, au nom du ministre des Affaires municipales et de l'Occupation du territoire, monsieur Pierre Moreau, est heureuse d'annoncer que la Ville de Saint-Lazare bénéficiera d'une aide financière évaluée actuellement à 55 % des coûts admissibles du projet estimés à ce jour à 5 millions de dollars pour la construction d'une caserne de pompiers. Cette aide financière est conditionnelle au respect des exigences du sous‑volet 5.1 du Programme d'infrastructures Québec-Municipalités (PIQM) et à la réception d'un avis favorable du ministère de la Sécurité Publique à la réalisation de ce projet.

Lire le communiqué émis par le ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Occupation du territoire

Dedication of Westwood Park athletics track in memory of Bryan Liew

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), October 20, 2014. On Sunday, October 19, 2014, the mayor of Saint-Lazare, Robert Grimaudo, accompanied by members of Council; Lucie Charlebois, Soulanges MNA and Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health ; family members Elizabeth Harder and Jason Liew, wife and brother of Bryan Liew; Karen Struthers, a close friend, Westwood junior athletics team, the Hudson/Saint-Lazare Running and Athletics Club , Williamstown Great Raisin River Footrace, Dr. Lepage and Claudia Wagner organizers of the race and local runners and walkers, attended a ceremony to unveil a plaque commemorating Bryan Liew, Saint-Lazare athlete, and thereby officially designated Westwood Park athletics track the « Piste d’athlétisme Bryan-Liew ».


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Local athletes Dr. Lepage and Claudia Wagner organized a race at Westwood Park in memory of Bryan Liew to celebrate his commitment to the community. Ville de Saint-Lazare gave $5,000 for the preparation of the race which helps the athletes to serve a healthy collation, for a loan and installation of equipment, also for the commemorative plaque and bookmarks. Mayor Grimaudo joined them for a memorable 5 km. After the race, Mayor Grimaudo gathered together those present to warmly commemorate Bryan Liew in a fulsome tribute.         

"I am delighted to welcome you to Westwood Park. First of all, it’s a sporting event that brings us together this morning… and we all know my love of sport! But, more especially, today we commemorate a dedicated athlete whose name will live forever in our community. Bryan Liew will remain for all time in Saint-Lazare’s collective memory as a runner with a big heart, an involved citizen and an ultimate sportsman. So, I'd like to unveil a plaque in memory of Bryan, a Saint-Lazare athlete respected by all. With this plate and at the request of many Saint-Lazare residents, we officially dedicate the Westwood Park athletics track to the memory of Bryan Liew."

Robert Grimaudo, Mayor of Saint-Lazare.

"Let Bryan’s words be words of encouragement to you all. Let Bryan’s passion for running and the sport of running be the wind beneath your feet when you place one foot in front of the other on this track now named after him, “The Bryan-Liew Track.” concluded Karen Struthers, Brian Liew’s close friend

Born in 1970 and resident of Saint-Lazare since 2003, Bryan Liew profoundly influenced athletes across the region. As coach for the Hudson/Saint-Lazare Running and Athletics Club and Westwood Junior High School Athletics Club, Bryan gave generously to the community and his infectious enthusiasm drew many to the sport. In addition to preparing numerous young athletes for high-level competition, he gave invaluable assistance to runners recovering from injuries or overcoming other challenges in their lives. Beyond running, Bryan had the ability to make people believe in themselves and accomplish things that at first seemed impossible.

In 2014, Council decided to create a municipal place names advisory committee with a mandate to develop a policy for designating place names and street names and standardizing our naming methodology. The policy establishes the rules, criteria and procedures that will enable the City to demonstrate transparency, fairness, consistency, coherence and effectiveness in dealing with requests to name places and streets in Saint-Lazare.

For more details about the policy.

Thank you to our sponsors for the Bryan Liew race:

Caisse populaire Desjardins de Saint-Lazare, Physical Park, IGA Poirier de Saint-Lazare, Tim Hortons Côte St-Charles de Saint-Lazare and Jogx

The Altius Challenge achieved!

Ville de Saint-Lazare’s team composed by the mayor Robert Grimaudo, 11 employees, and 30 residents achieved the Altius Challenge which was held on Saturday, October 11, 2014  in the context of the Festival des couleurs de Rigaud. The Altius Challenge, a 6 k or 15 k puzzle-filled race, has allowed a lot of runners to achieve a significant sport challenge !

This challenge helps residents and employees of Saint-Lazare to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

Congratulations to Ville de Saint-Lazare’s team!

View the video produced by Équipe Altius

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A festive weekend in Saint-Lazare

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), September 29, 2014 

Treasure hunt in Saint-Lazare

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and for the sixth consecutive year, Saint-Lazare residents took part in the Treasure Hunt.

Nearly two dozen residents signed up to leave items at the curb on September 27. The purpose of the event is to encourage reuse and recycling in the Saint-Lazare community.

Recycling in Saint-Lazare!

Culture Day in Saint-Lazare

Saint-Lazare families participated in numerous cultural activities!

On Saturday, September 27, 2014, from 1:00 until 5:00, over 250 people showed up at the Saint-Lazare Community Centre to enjoy a wide variety of cultural activities. During this day devoted to cultural interests, residents took advantage of 14 free activities that all provided tremendous fun.

Among the many activities, residents attended a puppet show (Le magicien géant), a puppet-making workshop, a story-telling session, workshops on knitting, bracelet-making, crafts, archeology, science and dance, while gorging themselves on traditional treats from yesteryear like St. Catherine’s Taffy and taffy apples... A real delight!

Celebrating culture in Saint-Lazare! View the pictures

Family Day a resounding success!

On Sunday, September 28, 2014, from 11:00 to 4:00, Saint-Lazare residents attended Family Day at the outdoor recreation centre (Base de plein air).

Over 800 residents came to enjoy the many activities on the theme of Sheriff City including the play Le shérif Victor et Frank l’harmonica, mini-golf, inflatables, rock climbing, fire-fighters’ booth, horse drawn sleigh rides, craftwork with the youth centre, and much more!

Celebrating families in Saint-Lazare! View the pictures


Community project at the Base de plein air

Thank you for the environment!
63  trees planted!

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), September 15, 2014. – Soulanges MNA and Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, Lucie Charlebois, along with Ville de Saint-Lazare, are happy to have planted 63 trees on Saturday, September 13 at the Base de plein air. 

It was the 5th edition of Plantons ensemble, a collective effort that supports sustainable development and the environment!

From left to right, Lise Jolicoeur, councillor, Pamela Tremblay, councillor, Robert Grimaudo, mayor, Richard Nataf, councillor, Lucie Charlebois, Soulanges MNA and Minister for Rehabilitation, Youth Protection and Public Health, Serge David, councillor and Brigitte Asselin, councillor.

Launch of a road safety campaign

SAINT-LAZARE, Québec, July 15, 2014. – On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, Saint-Lazare mayor Robert Grimaudo, members of the municipal council and Fire and Public Safety director Daniel Boyer, along with members of the steering committee on municipal public safety and two sergeants of the Sûreté du Québec, Bruno Beaulieu and David Joncas, proudly unveiled the Town’s new road safety campaign.

“This road safety campaign promotes sharing of our roads by encouraging all users - pedestrians, cyclists, riders and drivers - to pay special attention to one another,” stated Mayor Grimaudo. Several signs will be posted throughout the area, notably at town entrances. The Town will also use its numerous communication tools to give greater visibility to this campaign. The slogans selected all reflect the main message: Horseback riding, biking, walking or driving? The road is for everyone! 

For a look at the campaign, go to the Town’s website at

This was also a great opportunity for the Town to inaugurate its new pedestrian crossing at the corner of Montée Saint-Lazare and Chemin Sainte-Angélique. This initiative is in keeping with the Town’s commitment to make the village core more user-friendly for pedestrians. Two additional crossings will be built before the end of the year, also on Chemin Sainte-Angélique: the first one near Rue des Marguerites and the second near Rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It is important to mention that drivers must stop and give priority to pedestrians at crossings or face a fine of $100 or more under the Highway Safety Code.

For additional information on the road safety campaign, residents are invited to visit the Town’s website at or contact Fire and Public Safety director Daniel Boyer at 450 424-8000, extension 208, or at .

Agreement between Ville de Saint-Lazare and Allan George Bassenden

SAINT-LAZARE (QUÉBEC), Friday June 27, 2014 – An agreement was reached between the Ville de Saint-Lazare and Allan George Bassenden regarding the relocation of the mobile home on his property that he has occupied with his family for three years. The agreement, signed on June 22 by Mr. Bassenden, was concluded between the Municipality and Mr. Bassenden after he provided proof of a signed lease in force starting July 1, 2014. The Municipality will allow him thirty (30) days to relocate and undertake the process of removing the mobile home by 4 p.m. on July 30, 2014. Mr. Bassenden will have until August 29, 2014, to remove all construction not duly authorized by municipal by-laws, together with any materials, waste or scrap, as well as the shed, pool, clothesline and all vehicles parked or stored on his property.

Under the agreement, Mr. Bassenden also commits to maintain his property in good and clean condition, specifically by cutting his lawn regularly and keeping it free of anything contrary to municipal by-laws.

In March 2014, Ville de Saint-Lazare gave a final deadline to Mr. Bassenden. It should be noted that in cases of disaster, municipal by-laws permit the use of a temporary building for a period of six months for rebuilding or renovating a property. In this case, the occupants of the mobile home moved in permanently without any construction on the property for the past three years.

Ville de Saint-Lazare agreed to postpone the execution of the judgment by a month to allow Mr. Bassenden and his family to move. This agreement allows the owners to do the work themselves; avoiding them additional charges on their tax bill and reduces the amount to be assumed by Saint-Lazare taxpayers. Let’s recall that resolution no. 06-258-14 authorised an additional $25,000 budget envelope for the execution of the judgement.

In case of non-compliance with the agreement, the City will proceed to enforce the judgement of the Superior Court without further notice and at the owner's expense.

The Bassenden file: The Supreme Court of Canada refuses to hear the case.

Saint-Lazare will enforce the judgment of the Superior Court by June 30, 2014.

SAINT-LAZARE, QUEBEC, Thursday, May 29, 2014 – The Supreme Court of Canada announced today its refusal to hear the case between Mr. Allan George Bassenden and the Town of Saint-Lazare. Therefore, the Town maintains will enforce the judgment to have Mr.  Bassenden move out of the mobile home he and his family have been living in and remove it from his property by June 30.

The Bassenden family has been living in a mobile home since a fire seriously damaged their home on Rue Leduc on March 22, 2011, making it uninhabitable. The mobile home was erected and occupied in violation of municipal regulations and, after numerous consultations and court rulings in favour of the Town, the mobile home must be removed.

Last March, the Town of St-Lazare granted Mr. Bassenden an extension of the deadline. In the event of a loss, Town regulations allow the use of a temporary building for a period of six months, i.e. the time needed to rebuild or renovate a house. But in this case, the occupants of the mobile home moved in permanently and no reconstruction work was undertaken in the last three years.

Chaline Valley landslide-prone area more precisely identified

Accompanied by representatives of the ministère de la Sécurité publique du Québec (MSP) and the ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ), Ville de Saint-Lazare held an information session on Wednesday May 14, 2014, following a technical opinion recently filed by the MTQ. Studies and analyses requested by the City led to this technical review intended to delimit the precise landslide constraints area included in the MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges development plan in 2004, as well as to clarify the nature of the risks, especially those associated with large retrogressive landslides. Over a hundred owners attended.

“We promised our citizens to be transparent,” stressed Mayor Robert Grimaudo at the outset. “We are here tonight to give you the results of the MTQ’s investigations. I want to make clear that these results are not unique to the territory of Saint-Lazare. They corroborate the decision taken by the City over 12 years ago to impose preventive measures to reduce inappropriate interventions in this area,” continued the Mayor. We are aware of your worries and that is why tonight we have assembled every possible resource to answer your questions and address your concerns.”

Among the new evidence gathered by the MTQ investigation and presented during the evening were the following observations. The Chaline Valley area has already experienced major landslides, possibly several centuries ago. In Lidar surveys conducted in the fall of 2013 using airborne laser technology, old scars were revealed. Additional data obtained through exploratory drilling in the fall of 2013 also indicates the presence, at certain depths, of clay that is sensitive to remoulding, a factor often associated with large landslides. According to the MTQ however, such data alone would not be indispensible for producing large landslides. For a slide to occur, a combination of at least six of the eight predisposing conditions is needed, but not necessarily automatic. The likelihood of a large landslide in the study area is relatively low according to the report, especially if the zone is limited by obstacles, such as the presence of rock, ravines and even trees (living or dead) at the base of a slope. It should be noted that on his field visit, the ministry official did not observe any imminent danger and that the probability of a large landslide is relatively low.

The new information should be viewed positively as a management tool and additional preventive measure and not as an end to the discussion. All stakeholders, especially homeowners, should take advantage of this information and take concrete actions together for the environment. Many other regions of Québec don’t have this head start, namely the facts and regulations needed to control land use.

During the evening, residents were able to obtain information on the value of their properties. A professional appraiser, Jean-François Fredette of Estimateurs professionnels Leroux, Beaudry, Picard et Associés , who is very familiar with the area, was in attendance.

It should be noted that tolerance of risk varies from one owner to another and from one buyer to another. Thousands of homeowners are willing to live on the margins of a body of water (despite repeated flooding), or near a hill or mountain or cliff, with all the risks entailed. Some are even prepared to return to the site of a disaster. In Québec, and throughout the world, thousands of people build or rebuild homes in areas prone to tornadoes, forest fires and earthquakes because they want to live in that particular spot for the view, the peace, the absence of neighbours or the environment. A house is worth whatever an owner or a prospective buyer is willing to pay. During the question period, a homeowner on Cardin Street was able to reassure other owners that he had had no difficulty selling his property the previous week after the purchaser learned of the recent technical report.

In the coming years, landslide constraint areas will be on the agenda of the 23 mayors of MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. “The region has experienced considerable development pressures and mayors want to prioritize the study of stress areas,” stated Cédric Marceau, Project Coordinator and geomatics expert for MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges. With the aid of the latest geomatic tools, the MRC wishes to precisely identify areas subject to special constraints for reasons of public safety and, as far as possible, to relax constraints imposed on homeowners. In this context also, other risk areas in the territory will be assessed. Clarifications and zoning changes will be made during the next revision of the MRC development plan in 2015. Upon request by the Municipality, temporary measures such as interim regulations could be taken to protect properties not included in the normative framework.

The City reminds residents of these areas that it is important to keep an eye out for any warning signs, such as early rotational movement at the top of a slope or hill, and to report them to 450-424-8000. The City will notify the regional office of the ministère de la Sécurité publique so that an emergency management expert can review and assess the situation on the ground. Ground surveillance remains the best surveillance.

The City continues to evaluate the situation and options available to homeowners and area residents. It will file an application under the prevention program of the ministère de la Sécurité publique. However, nothing indicates that it will be eligible for the program. Note that in the event of an imminent danger confirmed by the ministère de la Sécurité publique, a financial aid program exists to assist homeowners. Information is available on the Ministry's website:

About the Chaline Valley constraint area

In 2002, following evidence of erosion on the margins of River Quinchien, the City of Saint-Lazare requested the MRC to consider including the Chaline Valley and surrounding area as a constraint area prone to landslides. In 2004, when revising its development plan, the MRC had included it, based on the data and tools available at the time, including aerial photographs and existing geological and geomorphological data (known as the broad brush method). In 2008, the City in turn adopted regulations in accordance with the revised plan. Following an information session requested by area residents, on September 17, 2012, the City requested that the MTQ clarify the nature of the risks using more accurate tools.


Mistigoui is moving!

The Base de Plein Air Les Cèdres changes hands

SAINT-LAZARE, Quebec, May 1, 2014. - It is with great enthusiasm that Ville de Saint-Lazare took over the management of the Base de plein air Les Cèdres this morning following the signing on February 12, 2014 of an agreement between Ville de Saint-Lazare and the Town of Les Cèdres for the annexation of the facility to the territory of the Town of Saint-Lazare. Therefore, as of today, Ville de Saint-Lazare is officially taking over the Base de plein air’s management and operations.

Ensuring continuity until 2015

To ensure a smooth transition and compliance with the agreements already existing between the Town of Les Cèdres and its suppliers, few major changes are planned in the facility’s daily activities in 2014. Over the next few months, the focus will be put on upgrading the infrastructures and meeting current safety standards. Saint-Lazare is planning to invest $200,000 until the end of 2014.

The Base de plein air’s opening hours and access to the site, trails and recreational infrastructures, including the pool, remain unchanged. It will continue to welcome school groups and day camps as well as L’Air en Fête’s Shérif Ville theme park. And the Relay for Life will take place, as planned, on Friday May 23 at 7 p.m.

Ville de Saint-Lazare invites the various publics to visit the Base de plein air’s website at for information on opening hours, services and rates. English version will be available soon. From now on, payment must be made by cheque, in cash or Interac.

About the Base de plein air Les Cèdres

Since its creation in the 1970’s, the Base de plein air has changed hands 3 times. Previously known as Centre de plein air Les Forestiers, it was owned by the Commission scolaire régionale de Vaudreuil-Soulanges and later administered by a NPO before being transferred for the sum of $1 to the Town of Les Cèdres in 1999. In February 2014, the Town of Les Cèdres agreed to transfer the management of the facility to the Town of Saint-Lazare for financial reasons and its annexation to Saint-Lazare’s territory is scheduled for 2015.  The facility offers a wide range of services and activities throughout the year such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, tube sliding, skating, hiking, swimming, climbing and archery. The Base de plein air is the main gateway to the trails of the beautiful century-old Pinière.

About the Pinière

The Pinière is one of Vaudreuil-Soulanges’ exceptional natural sites that area residents can still enjoy. Located on either side of Montée Saint-Robert in Saint-Lazare, it offers several kilometers of cross-country skiing, hiking and equestrian trails. The Pinière is located mainly on the territory of the Town of Saint-Lazare (2.68 sq. km or 268 hectares) and that of the municipality of St-Clet (0.66 sq. km or 66 hectares). Ville de Saint-Lazare recently invested $625,000 for the purchase of 3 parcels of land which increased its size by 30%. 

If you have any questions concerning the Base de plein air, please contact Louis Paquin, director of the Recreation and Community Life Department, at 450-424-8000, extension 219, or at

Saint-Lazare Fire Department celebrates its 30 years of service, the distinguished service of its firefighters and a soon-to-come, new fire station

Saint-Lazare (Québec) April 14, 2014—On Friday, April 11, 2014, Mayor Robert Grimaudo publicly recognized the devoted service of seven Saint-Lazare firefighters by awarding Distinguished Service Medals from the Governor General of Canada, his Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston. He was accompanied by Jamie Nicholls, MNA for Vaudreuil-Soulanges and official languages spokesperson, Lucie Charlebois, newly re-elected MNA for Soulanges, Serge Tremblay, Director General of Ville de Saint-Lazare, Daniel Boyer, Director of Fire Safety and Public Security, and members of the municipal and fire department teams. Mayor Grimaudo also celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of Ville de Saint-Lazare Fire Department, established in 1984. Close to 100 people attended the presentation.

“Today, we all celebrate the devoted service of seven members of Saint-Lazare Fire Department, and also the founding of our Fire Department in 1984,” said Mayor Grimaudo in his opening remarks. “I have the great privilege tonight of recognizing not only the 20 years of service of some of our firefighters, but also the 30 years of service of our Fire Department Director. We all know that fire fighting isn’t really a job, it’s a vocation. Their work takes determination, courage and compassion, and they even claim it’s the best job in the world because their duty is to save lives. But one thing is certain, ”continued the Mayor, “all those who have needed their services are the most grateful people in the world, especially today when firefighters also act as first responders. I also believe that after 30 years of dedicated service to the public they are finally entitled to a real station rather than operating space in a garage!” concluded the mayor on a humorous note.

Awarded by the Governor General of Canada, His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston, to much applause, Distinguished Service Medals were presented by Jamie Nicholls and Lucie Charlebois to firefighters Alain Deguire, Jean Goudreau, Patrick Lefebvre, Alain Letarte, Pierre Ranger and Martin Tanguay for their 20 years of service and to Department Director Daniel Boyer for his 30 years of service. Instituted on August 29, 1985, Distinguished Service Medals are intended to recognize and honour men and women who have devoted long, outstanding service to the safety of the Canadian public.

During the evening, participants shared many memorable moments, stories and photos from another era. There were sad moments too, like the loss of firefighter Charles Goulet during a fire, for whom a civic funeral was decreed, while his memory was commemorated in the designation of a street in his name.

Fire Department Director, Daniel Boyer, thanked his team for the outstanding work of each of its members. “We have come a long way, when I think of our first pumper in 1967 and first tanker in 1974,” he stated. “We worked miracles out of nothing. I'm fortunate to have such an efficient and dedicated team. We are finally reaping the rewards of our efforts.”

At the time of its creation in 1984, the Fire Department consisted of 25 volunteer firefighters. That was the time when the Fire Department fought fires as volunteer service. Thousands of hours have been invested over the years to make the Fire Department what it is today. Then, firefighters responded to 40 calls per year, when the population was barely 4,500. Now, we’ve grown to almost 20,000 residents and the Department responds to over 450 fire alerts and 600 medical emergencies per year. Today, there are 43 firefighters and first responders who answer calls throughout the year.

Congratulations to the entire Fire Department team!

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Ville de Saint-Lazare develops its municipal family policy and senior-friendly municipality approach

Saint-Lazare, Quebec, March 24, 2014. – In February, Ville de Saint-Lazare began drafting its family policy which includes the senior-friendly municipality approach (SFM). This process is expected to end with the implementation of the policy in the fall of 2015.
The development of the family policy is supported by the Town’s elected officials and employees, by regional partners and by a steering committee largely made up of residents. The volunteers met for the first time on Saturday, March 22, 2014. During the next 18 months, they will address the needs of families and seniors in such areas as recreation, environment, transportation, housing, safety, etc.
The family policy’s steering committee is multi-generational. It includes four Town representatives, three seniors’ representatives, three families’ representatives, two youth representatives, an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and a representative of the community sector. The committee will also address the concerns of persons with disabilities.

Dans l'ordre habituel, Yvon Carrière, représentant des aînés, Lise Jolicoeur, conseillère district 1, Brigitte Asselin, conseillère district  3, Carmen Hébert, organisatrice communautaire au CSSS de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Marie-Josée Bétournay, chargée de projets, PFM/ MADA, Valérie St-Amant, Francis Grenier, Geneviève Hamel, Ville de Saint-Lazare, Sarah Laflamme et Amber Juneau, représentantes des jeunes, Marie-Josée Lambert, représentante pour la famille, Merry Larocque, représentante pour les aînés,Patrick Bonjour, représentant pour la famille, Vincent Dupuy, représentant pour la famille et Jean-Guy Beaulne, représentant des aînés

The purpose of the family policy and SFM approach is to create a favourable environment for youth, families and seniors by adapting municipal services to their respective needs and reality. This policy will enable us to move forward with three-year action plans aimed at shaping our town to better reflect our residents’ vision and needs.

View our webpage for more information.

Hydro-Québec will cut down weakened trees on the Saint-Lazare territory

Residents may decide to keep the branches or have them removed by Hydro-Québec. Residents are responsible for the removal and disposal of the trunk(s) left on their property.


Saint-Lazare, Quebec, March 20, 2014 – As part of its vegetation control programme, Hydro-Québec will be cutting down weakened trees located close to its distribution lines on private property and within the public and Hydro-Québec right-of-way. This operation will start in the next few months and will end next fall. The work must be carried out to reduce as much as possible the risk of a power outage on the Saint-Lazare territory resulting from a wind or ice storm.


Contrary to cyclical pruning, all homeowners who must be informed of the removal of a weakened tree on their property will be informed in person or by way of a door-hanger left on their front door if they are not at home. The technician’s contact information will appear on the door-hanger. The goal is to let homeowners know why and how the tree(s) will be cut down.


This programme is threefold:
1) identifying weakened trees (spring 2014)
2) meeting with the homeowners concerned (spring-summer 2014)
3) cutting down weakened trees (until fall 2014)



Hydro-Québec does not recover the wood from felled trees.

Residents may decide to keep the branches or have them removed by Hydro-Québec. Residents are responsible for the removal and disposal of the trunk(s) left on their property.

Please note that pruning operations are also being carried out.

Information: 450 424 8000, extension 227 or 226

This is the English translation of the original French text.

Dunes Lake: a promise of land exchange to save the forest

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), Tuesday, March 11, 2014.
Saint-Lazare Mayor, Robert Grimaudo, announced yesterday, following the Council meeting, a land exchange promise between the City, Habitations Robert Inc. and Investissements Aloès Inc. This agreement comes at the end of a long-winded negotiating process to protect the forest surrounding Dunes Lake and expand the Parc naturel de la Tourbière-du-Bordelais as much as possible, while maintaining the lowest possible transaction costs including applicable taxes. 

“Saint-Lazare residents have long-voiced to Council their wish to protect green spaces and that is what we have been working towards. While doing so, we always keep in mind, and favor, government grants, land exchanges or ecological gifts where possible. The land exchange promise we signed with Habitations Robert Inc. and Investissements  Aloès Inc. will allow the City to receive 82 819,2 square metres of land which amounts to the wooded area surrounding Dunes Lake in exchange for 29 934,40 square meters from the Town’s Park Fund. We are working hand in hand with our partners to finalize the transfer in the next few weeks. Once the transfer concludes, a steering committee and consulting committee will be set up to ensure proper management of this green space. Council will hold a public consultation on the future of the park.”

The mayor reassured those present at the council meeting that the park’s safety will figure amongst the Town’s main priorities. “Becoming the sole owner of this area will make it much easier for the Town to intervene and reinforce the by-laws, said the Mayor. For years, residents have asked us to intervene. Now, we’ll finally be able to. »

The conservation of Dunes Lake’s forest ties in perfectly with the global vision to preserve and protect Saint-Lazare’s natural heritage for the benefit of the entire community and for future generations.

A few words on the Parc naturel de la Tourbière-du-Bordelais

This 8,000 year-old hidden secret was brought to the attention of the Town and the public in 2001 when it was about to be destroyed for the extension of Rue du Bordelais. A living laboratory for McGill University teachers and their students for numerous years, the bog is home to many rare species of plants and amphibians. In 2004, after the signing of an agreement between the real estate developer, the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks and the Town, the bog was transferred to the Town. It was in 2006, following the provincial government’s request that all towns proceed to the wetland characterization of their territory that the Bordelais bog was officially classified as having the highest conservation priority. It was awarded a $150,000 grant by the Fondation Hydro-Québec pour l’environnement for its protection and rehabilitation. The Town matched that amount to ensure its future and protection.

Any question can be addressed to the Communications department at

View the aerial map and the plan of the lands

Saint-Lazare allows the Bassenden family an additional 100 days to leave or move their mobile home

SAINT-LAZARE (QUÉBEC), Monday, March 3, 2014 –
The Town of Saint-Lazare held a press briefing today at Town Hall following a last attempt to convince the Bassenden family to leave, of its own free will, the mobile home it has moved into following a fire that completely destroyed their house located at 1610 Rue Leduc three (3) years ago to the day, on March 11th, 2014. The Town prosecutor assigned to the case, Me Jocelyn Rancourt, met Mr. Allan Bassenden and his daughter, Nathalie Gagnon, this morning to inform them of the Town’s decision to allow them an additional one-hundred (100) days. The Town does not wish to impose a move on the family during the cold months; it has therefore set the new deadline to June 30, 2014. This new date coincides with the end of classes and Canada’s moving day. Let’s note the Superior Court has given Saint-Lazare the authorization to execute the judgment as soon as March 21, 2014.

« The Town has demonstrated both compassion and patience since the very beginning, admitted the Town’s spokesman Steve Flanagan, whose services were retained by the Town to look after this case. We all understand how desperate this family is and we can rationalize all the legal steps taken to extend their stay as long as possible, but after all the numerous attempts to work with the family, almost 3 years of delays and legal procedures, it is now up to them to take their responsibilities and either conform to the municipal by-laws, leave or move their mobile home. »

During the press briefing, the Town highlighted the numerous compromises and deadline extensions it granted the Bassenden family over the last thirty six (36) months, even though it had no obligation to do so, whether it’d be before, during or after the $800,000 lawsuit filed and later dropped by the Bassenden family. Amongst delays granted, we can included those to secure the premises, get rid of the ruins, get help from the local community, obtain the necessary construction permits, and the time to undertake, if they wished to do so, the necessary steps to sell their land, to move or simply to relocate their mobile home. The Town has supplied the family with help, tools, time and resources just as did numerous members of the community, including residents, contractors and local businesses. In addition, the family’s insurance company has reimbursed the totality of the remaining mortgage.

Let’s recall that following a disaster, the Town only authorizes the use of a temporary building for up to 6 months to allow for the reconstruction. In this case, the situation has already gone on for almost 3 years with no indications of a resolution any time soon.

The Town has retained the services of Mr. Flanagan of Flanagan Relations publiques in order to handle this case. Mr. Flanagan became renowned during the 1998 ice storm. For the last ten (10) years, Mr. Flanagan has been acting as a consultant in the public and private sectors.

Any question concerning this file may be directed to Mr. Flanagan at 514 916-4512 or

Les Cèdres and Saint-Lazare announce the annexation of
la Base de plein air to Saint-Lazare’s territory

SAINT-LAZARE (Québec), Wednesday, February 12, 2014. Les Cèdres and Saint-Lazare mayors signed an agreement this morning allowing them to begin the annexation process of the Base de plein air des Cèdres to Saint-Lazare’s territory. Saint-Lazare announced it would officially take over the centre’s operations starting May 1st, 2014. The centre becomes officially part of la Pinière.

“The aim of this annexation, explained Mayor Grimaudo, is to enable Les Cèdres to reduce the tax burden on its 6,500 residents and enable Saint-Lazare to take over the administration and operations of the recreational centre starting May 1, 2014. This decision stems from the desire of the 2 towns to ensure the centre’s future, public and recreational use and accessibility to future generations for many more years to come.”

Since its creation in the 1970’s, the Base de Plein Air has changed hands 3 times. Originally known as Centre de plein air Les Forestiers, it was successively owned by the Commission scolaire régionale de Vaudreuil-Soulanges, before being administered by a non-profit organization and later transferred for the sum of $1 to the Town of Les Cèdres in 1999. Over the last 15 years, Les Cèdres has succeeded, despite limited financial and human resources, to maintain the centre accessible, its activities safe, attractive, and affordable to families. “However, according to Les Cèdres’ Mayor Raymond Larouche, all our efforts and work have not allowed Les Cèdres to eliminate the deficit our citizens must assume every year. We simply do not have the resources or the financial means to keep the centre. It's time to move on and hand it over. My Council and I are convinced that the City of Saint-Lazare is equipped to ensure the centre’s future, considering they have 20,000 residents and much more resources than we do."

Since December 2013, both municipalities have been working closely together to ensure a transparent transition, taking into account all aspects to make sure everyone is respected in the process and no one is penalised including employees affected to the centre.

“We are aware that today’s announcement will be met with mixed emotions, expressed Mayor Grimaudo. Some will feel a sense of loss, while others will see it as a necessary compromise. In every case, we want to reassure everyone that this handing over must be cause for hope, not for concern. The Town of Saint-Lazare is known for its environmental, human and family values. Therefore, we must all see this annexation not as an end but as the solution for the survival of the centre.

Saint-Lazare says it’s up for the challenge. « We have the means and the staff to make it happen » concluded Mayor Grimaudo.

No major changes are planned in the first year of operation.

The annexation is a logical step towards making the Base de plein air part of La Pinière and its trail network and providing families with a wider range of recreational activities. Both mayors agree to say the centre is a collective jewel that must be protected, “It is a part of our heritage that must be preserved for future generations”.

For his part, Mayor Larouche, says he is pleased with the agreement. « It will allow my residents to enjoy the centre at the same conditions as Saint-Lazare residents. They will still be able to enjoy it without having to manage it. That’s a good news.»

About La Pinière

La Pinière still figures amongst one of Saint-Lazare’s most exceptional natural sites residents can still enjoy. Extending on both sides of Montée Saint-Robert in Saint-Lazare, it offers several kilometres of natural trails for cross-country skiers, walkers and horseback riders. La Pinière is mainly located on Saint-Lazare’s territory (2,68 km² or 268 hectares) and partly on that of the Municipality of St-Clet (0,66 km² or 66 hectares). Furthermore, the Town of Saint-Lazare has recently spent $625,000 to acquire 3 additional lots bringing La Pinière to its actual size, an acquisition which has increased it by 30%. Since 1996, to access La Pinière’s trail network, Saint-Lazare residents must pay a daily pass or purchase a seasonal or annual membership from la Base de plein air Les Cèdres which offers a parking lot and service infrastructures. To encourage access to its trail network and encourage physical activity, the Town of Saint-Lazare provides, each year, some type of financial compensation to reduce the cost of access to its residents. In 2012, this compensation will be provided as a direct refund to those Saint-Lazare residents who have purchased a membership.

About la Base de plein air des Cèdres

Managed by Les Cèdres since 1999, la Base de plein air is located in the heart of Vaudreuil-Soulanges and the majestic centennial Pinière. This magical location offers a wide range of year-round services and activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow tubing, skating, hiking, swimming, trekking and archery.

Any question may be adressed to Saint-Lazare’s communication department by writting to

Maire Robert Grimaudo et maire Larouche

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