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Last updated: 01/18/2018
IMAGE - Comité consultatif d'urbanisme
Urban planning advisory committee (CCU)


Ville de Saint-Lazare invites residents with an interest in urban planning to  join the Urban Planning Advisory Committee (CCU). With the experience, knowledge and concerns of its members, the committee’s role is to assist council by orienting, guiding and supporting actions  relating to urban planning.

The CCU makes recommendations concerning the Site Planning and Architectural Integration Programme (PIIA) that is applicable to exterior renovations, extensions, new constructions and signage projects. The committee will also provide their recommendations regarding minor variances, Comprehensive Development Plans (PAE) and, in certain cases, by-law amendments.

The CCU is a working group composed of two (2) members of the municipal council, seven (7) residents, the Urban Planning Project Manager and the Director of the Urban Planning and Environmental Services Department. The committee meets once a month, typically on a Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. The members are remunerated for their participation in each meeting.

Would you like to get involved? Would you like to make a difference in the development of your community? Do you wish to learn more about urban planning? Please email your curriculum vitae and a 200 words text  describing your interest for in urban planning issues to Jessica McKenzie. In the event of a vacancy in on the committee, we will be pleased to consider your application.

The urban planning advisory committee (CCU) is a working group composed of at least one member of the municipal council and of residents appointed by the municipal council to orient, guide and support actions with respect to urban planning. The CCU’s recommendations and advice enable the municipal council to benefit from the input of elected representatives and citizens who make use of their life experience in the municipality and of their particular concerns regarding the development of its territory. The municipal council must be formally advised by its planning committee before making a decision regarding a minor exemption, a comprehensive development plan (CDP), a site planning and architectural integration programme (PIIA).

The committee is in charge of studying and of submitting recommendations to the City Council on any questions submitted for its review regarding town planning, zoning, subdivisions and construction.

Elected members

M. Richard Chartrand, councillor, district 5
M. Brian Trainor, councillor, disctrict 6

CCU Meetings Calendar







Vendredi le 22 décembre

Mardi le 16 janvier

Mardi le 30 janvier

Mardi le 30 janvier

Mardi le 20 février

Mardi le 13 mars 

Mardi le 27 février

Mardi le 20 mars

Mardi le 10 avril

Mardi le 27 mars

Mardi le 17 avril 

Mardi le 8 mai

Mardi le 1er mai

Mardi le 22 mai 

Mardi le 12 juin

Mardi le 29 mai

Mardi le 19 juin

Mardi le 10 juillet

Mardi le 3 juillet

Mardi le 24 juillet

Mardi le 14 août

Mardi le 31 juillet

Mardi le 21 août

Mardi le 11 septembre

Mardi 28 août

Mardi le 18 septembre

Mardi le 9 octobre

Mardi le 2 octobre

Mardi le 23 octobre

Mardi le 13 novembre

Mardi le 30 octobre

Mardi le 20 novembre

Mardi le 11 décembre

Mardi le 27 novembre

Mardi le 18 décembre

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* Ce délai est sujet à changement de la part du Service de l'urbanisme selon les projets soumis.
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