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Last updated: 02/25/2019
IMAGE - Comités
Committees and commissions
Municipal committees are advisory in nature and have no decision-making authority. They are created by the Town to examine certain municipal matters and requests. They give citizens, elected representatives and civil servants the opportunity to exchange ideas and draw up recommendations which will be submitted to the municipal council. The frequency of meetings and the number of members vary from one committee to the next.

Call for applications


Municipal Safety



Family Policy

(12-17 year olds)


Summary information on the committee


The members of this committee help create tools to ensure the safety of Saint-Lazare’s roads, residential areas and parks.  


They provide the municipal council with recommendations concerning the measures to prioritize in order to help make the town safer.

This committee’s main role is to examine various environmental issues, respond to requests made by the municipal council and recommend responsible environmental guidelines to apply. 


This committee can also be called upon to collaborate on various environmental awareness activities.

The members of this committee propose concrete actions to support organizations that encourage cultural initiatives, help foster a love of arts and culture in young people, ensure the next generation of artists, increase the visibility of art, culture, history and heritage in order to contribute to the community’s enrichment and sense of belonging.

This committee monitors the progress of the Municipal Family Policy (MFP) and the Senior-Friendly Municipality (MADA) initiative and helps ensure their objectives are met. The family policy consists of a set of municipal interventions targeting the needs of families, individuals with disabilities, young people and seniors in terms of leisure, the environment, transportation, housing and security. 

Number of meetings per year




3 + small working groups.

Time of day meetings are held

Evenings or based on everyone’s availability.

Tuesday evenings.

Tuesday evenings or based on everyone’s availability.

Monday late afternoon/early evening, generally from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.  

Language of meetings

In French

(bilingual discussion).

In French

(bilingual discussion).

In French

(bilingual discussion).

In French

(bilingual discussion).

Positions to fill





 Required qualifications

The ideal candidate

Have a high interest in all aspects of safety/security related to the Town.

Have a high interest in all aspects of the environment.

Have an interest in the creation of occasional cultural events. The individual can originate from the field of visual arts and crafts, the literary world, the performing arts (theatre, music, dance, etc.), a historical or genealogical society, or the education sector. 

Must be between the ages of 12 and 17, have the interests of the young people in this group at heart and be keen to act on their behalf.

Application submissions

Anyone interested in applying must email a letter of motivation to the person in charge of the committee

Include in title of letter

Application for

Steering Committee on Municipal Public Safety

Application for

 Advisory Committee on the Environment 

Application for

 Cultural Committee

Application for

 Municipal Family Policy and Senior-Friendly Municipality Approach Follow-up Committee

Deadline for applications

No later than Friday, June 1, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.



By email


Daniel Boyer

Director of the Sécurité publique et de la sécurité incendie


Francine Parent

Director of the Service de l’urbanisme et de l’environnement


Marc Tremblay

Director of the Service des loisirs et de la vie communautaire


Geneviève Hamel

Director of Communications

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