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Resident ID card

The citizen card is free and mandatory to:

  • Register and participate in municipal activities (recreation, conferences, workshops, clubs, etc.)
  • Reserve and access sports facilities
  • Benefit from reduced rates (seniors, nature park, etc.)
  • Use free of charge municipal containers or bins for the occasional surplus of compliant household waste and the occasional surplus of cardboard
Issuing the card

To obtain a photo card*, every resident aged 5 years and older must go to one of the following locations, in person, during business hours:
  • At the Saint-Lazare Community Centre (Recreation and Community Services counter) at 1301 rue du Bois (by appointment only)
  • At the Saint-Lazare library at 1275 rue du Bois (by appointment only)
     * photo and presence not required for children under 5 years old

Annual Card Validation (renewal)

If the resident’s file is complete (email and current telephone number), an annual renewal notice is programmed to be sent by email 30 days before the expiry date of the card. The resident must provide the documents mentioned below by e-mail, for each famil member who owns a card, to be validated.

If cardholders have not received the renewal notice and finds that their card have expired, they can validate their information by sending the following documents to:

Mandatory documents for card renewal:

  • Full name of each cardholder
  • A photo of each card to be validated with the clearly legible number
  • All documents listed in the table below by age
Card renewal every 5 years

Every 5 years, the holder is 5 years old or older:
  • Whose appearance has changed a lot must:
    1. Report to one of the facilities specified above as instructed
    2. Have his photo taken again, if aged 5 years old or older
    3. Provide documents listed in the table below by age
  • Whose appearance has not changed much can:
    1. Simply proceed with card validation (see process above)
Card replacement (lost, broken or stolen)

Regardless of his age, a resident who needs to replace a card must:
  • Report to one of the locations specified above
  • Have his photo taken, if 5 years old or older
  • Provide documents listed in the table below by age
  • Pay $5 per card

The child must be accompanied by at least one parent:

  • Demonstrate the family connection between the child and the parent
  • Have proof of residence of the parent (driver’s licence, municipal or school tax bill, electricity or telephone bill, etc.)


One of the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • School report card with address
  • Hospital Card

Submit one of the accepted proof of residence:

  • Driver’s licence (front & back)
  • Municipal or School Tax Bill
  • Electricity or telephone Bill, etc.


one of the following proofs of identity, with photo:

  • Driver’s licence (front & back)
  • Passport
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Student card

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