IMAGE - Branches
Expected / known dates
Two (2) regular collections per year, at no charge and without registration:
  • Spring: usually in April-May
  • Fall: usually in October
  • 1 city tour per collection
  • Each collection will:
    • Take about 3 weeks
    • May take longer if municipal employees are required for emergency work (e.g. water breaks etc.) or snow removal
  • Dates and reminder announced in the Town newsletter
Special collection
Any special collection organized as a result of special circumstances (ice storm, microbursts) is announced through the Town newsletter.

MANDATORY conditions to participate in this collection
  • Respect materials accepted in this collection and their disposition
  • Are only collected if:
    • The pile of branches does not exceed 15 m long x 3 m deep x 1.5 m high
    • The bigger ends (diameters) of the branches are all placed facing the street
    • The diameter of the branches does not exceed 25 cm (maximum)
    • The branches are by the curb:
      • No later than 7 a.m. on the day the city tour begins
      • And AT THE EARLIEST 7 days prior to the start date announced
  • Are not collected:
    • Branches containing debris and waste (e.g. stones, metal pieces)
    • Logs
    • Roots
    • Stumps

Last updated: 05/07/2020
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