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Boil water advisory

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Boil water advisories
Which precautions must be taken when a boil water advisory is issued How will I be informed of
a boil water advisory

Boil water advisory lifted

Boil water LIFTED ON Thursday, September 12 at 1:30 p.m. for the following streets:

- Royal Mews
- Steeplechase
- Furlong
- Tally Ho
- Place Winner
- Rue Paddock
- Some residences on Rue Palomino

Preventative boil water advisory

Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2019 LIFTED ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 2nd, at 12:35 p.m.

Cause : emergency repairs, following a water main break

Location: 4 residences on Chemin Sainte-Louis, between Route de la Cité-des-Jeunes and Rue Chaline

Prevention: affected owners were notified through a door hanger

When will it be lifted?: Please refer to the door hanger for the procedures

What do I do when a boil water advisory is issued?

Necessary measures

  1. Bring tap water to a rolling boil for at least one minute prior to consumption or use bottled water.
  2. Water that has been boiled for one minute or bottled water must be used for the following activities until you are advised to the contrary:
    • Brushing teeth and rinsing the mouth;
    • Drinking and preparing beverages;
    • Preparing infant formula and baby food;
    • Washing and preparing food that will be eaten raw (fruits, vegetables, etc.);
    • Preparing food that does not require prolonged cooking (canned soups, desserts, etc.);
    • Making ice cubes;
  3. Throw out ice cubes (do not forget refrigerator water dispenser tanks), beverages and food prepared with unboiled tap water.
  4. You can use unboiled tap water for the following activities:
    • Washing dishes with hot water, making sure you dry them well; Washing clothes, showering and bathing. Make sure young children do not swallow water while bathing or wash them with a face cloth.

Schools, businesses, stores and other establishments in the area concerned: inform your customers that the water is not fit for human consumption. Shut off all water fountains and post notices where tap water remains available.

In which circumstances does the city issue a preventive boil water advisory?

During works or repairs that will require local interruption of the flow of water distributed by a municipal aqueduct network
The Town issues a boil water advisory when works or repairs, planned or not, may require the interruption of the flow of water distributed by a municipal aqueduct network (Sainte-Angélique, Saddlebrook or Saint-Louis networks). 

When requested by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment, Wildlife and Parks (MDDEFP)
The Town issues a boil water advisory at the MDDEFP’s request when analyses conducted by an independent laboratory (accredited by the MDDEFP) on a sample of raw water (drawn before being treated) are inconclusive.

How am I informed of a preventive boil advisory?

Door hangers
Each time a boil water advisory is issued locally, the Town distributes door hangers to all the homes concerned.  When a boil water advisory is issued for all users on a specific municipal network, the Town will not distribute door hangers but will send a community alert*.

*ACS automated call system: The Town has acquired a tool that will enable it to deliver important notices to the whole community by telephone. Residents who register their phone number (land line, cellular phone or smart phone) will be informed by telephone. Register now.

Pre-recorded message at extension 315
Each time a boil water advisory is issued locally or for all users on a specific municipal network, the Town records a message at extension 315 (450 424-8000).

Neslwetters (e-notices)
The Town does not send out a newsletter for a boil water advisory issued locally or affecting only a small, contained area. 

The Town only sends out a newsletter when all users on a specific aqueduct network are affected by a boil water advisory or a veryf large number of people is affected. The Town has three (3) aqueduct networks, namely the Sainte-Angélique (Haut and Bas), Saddlebrook and Saint-Louis networks. Approximately 4,800 homes are connected to the Sainte-Angélique network, 1,200 to the Saddlebrook network and slightly more than 300 to the Saint-Louis network. The rest are serviced by wells or private aqueducts for which the Town is not responsible.

Signs at the town entrances and at entrances to the affected residential area(s)
When all users on a network are affected, the Town also posts signs at the entrances of the residential areas concerned and at some town entrances depending on the network concerned.

The Town keeps this section of its website up-to-date.  


How am I informed the advisory's been lifted?

The "3-day minimum" rule
A boil water advisory is usually in effect for a minimum of three (3) days which is the time required to conduct new analyses and obtain the results.

Pre-recorded message at extension 315

Residents are asked to check the pre-recorded message at 450-424-8000, extension 315.

Residents are asked to consult this section of our website on a regular basis.

Newsletters (e-notices) and community alert
When the boil water advisory concerns all users on an aqueduct network, the Town sends out a newsletter.

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