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Last updated: 03/03/2017
IMAGE - Service d’avis à la communauté
Community Alert System


To register, to update your contact information or to unsubscribe, please fill out the form.

Businnesse and organizations
To register, to update your contact information or to unsubscribe, please fill out the form.

IMPORTANT - Businesses and organizations using a device requiring that a number be entered on the keypad to reach someone cannot be added to the system. Store and business owners as well as schools and daycares are therefore asked to provide another phone number (direct line, cell phone) which can be entered in the Town's database.

Your request will be processed within seven working days.

Be the first to be alerted!

The Town of Saint-Lazare has acquired a Community Alert system to reach its residents, businesses, schools, daycares and organizations in case of emergency or of situations affecting their quality of life.  Residents must subscribe to receive these alerts.


Types of messages and choice of language

For example, the Town will be able to reach you in the following cases:


Quality of life

  • Boil water advisory
  • Major fire
  • Natural disasters (evacuation, etc.)
  • Weather induced water-ban
  • Opening of an emergency shelter
  • Interruption of drinking water supply
  • Aqueduct flushing
  • Weather induced road closures

The subscriber will be able to choose whether to listen to the message in French or English.


Means of transmission

Community alert facilitates the transmission of messages using the preferred means specified by the resident at time of registration. The subscriber can receive messages by one or several of these means:

  • Landline phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Text message
  • E-mail


Are you already registered?

You have not been registered in the alert system if:

  • you are not a Bell or Videotron landline service subscriber
  • you have a cell phone but no home telephone
  • you have a confidential telephone number
  • you have moved to another street in Saint-Lazare during the last year
  • you are a new Saint-Lazare resident
  • you are a tenant
  • your business or organisation uses a device requiring that a number be entered on the keypad to reach someone *


To subscribe and for information


By phone: 450-424-8000 ext. 290

* Businesses and organisations must supply a direct number of cell number


The Town will proceed to a test phone call starting Monday, May 2 until Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Community alert system will try to reach all numbers registered in its database starting on Monday, May 2nd through Wednesday, May 4, 2016. If you receive the call or a message in your voice mailbox, your number has been properly registered in our database. If you do not receive the call by Thursday, May 5, register online! Note: if you answer the call, you can select the language of your choice (French or English). This preference will be used for other calls.

Privacy policy

The Town of Saint-Lazare will use your personal information solely for the purpose of informing you of emergency situations or of situations affecting your quality of life.  Under the existing procedure, only those employees with proper authorization have access to this database. The Town of Saint-Lazare will not disclose, sell or communicate to a third party the personal information collected in the Community Alert/Somum system without prior authorization, except as required by law.

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