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Last updated: 05/11/2018
IMAGE - Administration municipale
Town administration
The Town administration is usually associated with public service. The municipality is an administration created by the province to ensure the delivery of local services to the population, among other things. It consists of managers and employees grouped under various departments.

In the case of Saint-Lazare, the municipal council is made up of the mayor and six (6) councilors each representing a district. The role of the municipal council is to ensure that the services offered answer the needs of the community. It must also establish the rules for the management of public goods and the use of private property. The council more or less determines the Town’s orientations and priorities and then manages municipal affairs from a policy perspective. Municipal employees are responsible for the implementation of the decisions made by the council. They also see to the day-to-day management of operations from an administrative perspective. By analogy with constitutional law, there is therefore separation of powers between the “legislative” (the Town council) and the “executive” (the Town administration).

There are laws that grant powers to municipalities and restrict their exercise such as the Municipal Powers Act, the Cities and Towns Act, the Act respecting land use and development and the Act respecting municipal taxation. The “organisation municipale” tab on the website of the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Occupation du territoire (MAMOT) provides additional information on this subject.

Attending council meetings and the open meetings prescribed by law, visiting the Town’s website on a regular basis and consulting the various municipal publications will help you better understand the collective issues.
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