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Last updated: 04/05/2017
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One card, one proof of residence, numerous advantages!

The Resident Card is issued free of charge. It replaces the library card and is mandatory to register for and take part in the Town’s cultural, sport and recreational activities. The Resident Card will simplify the registration process and allow residents to register online for several of the Town’s activities. All residents over 5 years old must be present when the card is made, as their picture will be taken and added to the card.

All card holding adults and children must have their card validated each year, on the expiry date, by presenting a valid proof of residence. 

For residents 13 years old and over:
Accepted proof of residence: driver’s license, municipal or school tax bill, Hydro-Québec or Bell invoices, etc.
Proof of identity (with photo): driver’s license, student card.

For residents under 13 years old:
The child must be accompanied by at least one parent, and present proof of a family link,
and of residence.
Proof of identity: birth certificate or report card.

Lost, stolen or damaged card
A $5 fee is charged for the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged card.

To obtain your ID card and to validate it annually, visit (during regular business hours)

1) Service des loisirs et de la vie communautaire
2) the Town library 
*Please note that the service is not offered at the Town Hall. Thank you!

The Library opens its doors to non-residents ($)

The Saint- Lazare Library is now open to non-residents at an annual cost of:
- $80 for adults
- $65 for seniors and children
- $160 for the family.

Non-residents from the area can therefore obtain a membership card directly at the Saint-Lazare Library (1275 Du Bois Street). Children must be accompanied by a parent in order to register.  

The non-resident membership card is valid for a period of one year from the date of issuance. Once the one-year period is up, cardholders must pay the annual cost required to renew (a sticker will be placed on the card to validate the renewal).

Cultural Policy

Recall that the Town of Saint-Lazare has a cultural policy intended to place culture at the heart of its development. The Library meets a variety of needs in terms of education, information, culture and leisure for both its youth and adult clientele. Countless documents are available in print and book form along with a variety of audio-visual materials in the latest technological formats. Indeed, more traditional services are now complemented by computer-based methods of learning and entertainment. By promoting access to quality information and developing children’s thirst for knowledge, we are providing potential users with every possible opportunity available to them.  

This is precisely the objective the Saint-Lazare Library has in mind when introducing innovative actions such as providing non-residents with access to its services. As a cultural space that is near and dear to the hearts of its users, the Library can serve as a vehicle for cultural mobilization—made all the more possible by equipment that helps foster interaction.



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