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Tree cutting

Tree cutting

Read our Trees and woodland conservation flyer.

Need to cut down dead trees? Planning to install an above-ground pool? Remember, in Saint-Lazare, it is forbidden to cut any tree, whether dead, damaged or alive, whose diameter, measured at 30 cm from the ground, is 3 cm or more, without having first obtained a tree cutting authorization certificate. This applies to all of Saint-Lazare whether you own a 900 sq. mt. lot or several acres of woodland.

Trees measuring 3 cm in diameter may seem small. However, the renewal of the forest cover
depends on how we protect these smaller trees.

How to get a tree cutting permit authorisation certificate?

1. You can complete an online permit request  


2. You can complete a Tree cutting authorization certificate application form.

Return the form duly completed and signed:

    • In person at the reception counter of Service de l’environnement (1960 Chemin Sainte-Angélique, first floor);

    • By fax at 450-455-4712;
  • Scanned to include the original signature and e-mailed at .

3. It is very important to identify those trees you want to cut
    (with a ribbon or thread)
    Otherwise the environment inspection officer won’t be able to issue
    the authorisation certificate;

4. Before issuing an authorization certificate, an inspector will
    go on location to assess your request;

5. Based on the By-Law and the tree assessment,
    a certificate may be issued onsit.

You can follow up on your request.


  • The authorisation certificate is delivered at no charge and valid for one year;

  • It is possible we ask to replace the trees that must be cut if the minimum property tree density is not met;

  • Trimming and pruning do not require an authorisation certificate but must be done in a way to preserve the tree’s health. As an example, excessive pruning and trimming are forbidden.

PDF Tree cutting authorization certificate application form

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